UFC Paris: William Gomis Not Taking UFC Debut On Main Card For Granted

Paris, France – Making your UFC debut is a huge moment for any professional fighter trying to make it in MMA. Making your UFC debut on the main card of the first UFC event in your home country is certainly something else and featherweight William Gomis knows it.

“I’m very happy to be here. I mean the main card for me is not nothing. I’m ready. I’m happy to be here,” Gomis told Cageside Press among other media on Thursday.

“I just want to do big fight. I want to do masterclass because I have four fights on my contract and I want to do big fight for this fight.”

Opposite Gomis in the octagon will be Jaron Errens who also makes his UFC debut in Paris.

“He is a good fighter. Errans is a good fighter, good striker, I think we can do very big fight. All the fans will be happy,” Gomis said.

“I’m a striker. I think I’m smart fighter. I can find a place for high kick, for easy KO.”

With both men making their debut it was to be expected that many had not heard of either fighter. Gomis certainly had not heard of Errans before being matched up with him for the main card of UFC Paris.

“Before this fight nothing about him, no. Nothing about him. He’s a striker, he has a good punch. That’s all,” he said.

This being a short notice fight for both men it may come down to who, overall, is the more skilled fighter.

“I think he don’t have a lot of weaknesses,” Gomis said of his opponent.

“I’m just a better fighter.”

Watch the entire media day scrum with William Gomis above. UFC Paris takes place at Accor Arena on Saturday September 3rd.