UFC San Diego: Priscila Cachoeira Emotional As She Speaks Of Sacrifice, Encourages Lipski

San Diego, CA – It only took UFC bantamweight Priscila Cachoeira a little over a minute to make a massive statement when she defeated Ariane Lipski via TKO on Saturday night.

“It can’t better than that. That’s my style, that’s what I like to do. I mean I like to strike. Of course always training on the ground to get better because that’s MMA. All I want right know is actually to know how many seconds it was,” Cachoeira told Cageside Press among other media through a translator at her post-fight scrum.

The 6th fastest finish in UFC women’s bantamweight MMA history is a nice feather in the cap for Cachoeira as well.

“Always so happy and always so grateful to God for everything he’s given me. Knows the pain and everything that I’ve been through. How many times have I heard that people are missing me, that my son misses me. This is the sacrifice. This is the fruit of our work. I am just reaping what I sow,” she said.

“Only he knows how many times I have cried to him and asked for him to give me strength. So to all those who are spiritual you understand this.”

Following the bout Cachoeira was seen speaking to Lipski. The bantamweight said she was giving her opponent words of encouragement to not give up, and that she was a fan of hers.

“All I told her is to never give up and to come back stronger. I am your fan. I’m fan of your Muay Thai. Because I was going to fight you I had to train my Muay Thai so much to get better at this fight. I am your fan, do not give up, because you’re a great fighter,” she said.

“I trained so hard at your style because I’m the fan of your work in Muay Thai so come back stronger.”

Watch the entire post-fight media scrum with Priscila Cachoeira above.