UFC San Diego: Gabriel Benitez Overwhelms Charlie Ontiveros

Gabriel Benitez and Charlie Ontiveros, UFC San Diego
Gabriel Benitez and Charlie Ontiveros, UFC San Diego Ceremonial Weigh-in Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Having overcome injury and even PTSD, Charlie Ontiveros returned at UFC San Diego, taking on Gabriel Benitez and looking for his first win inside the octagon.

Benitez had also lost two straight, and four of his last five. He corrected course on Saturday, however, making a statement in San Diego at Ontiveros’ expense.

Gabriel Benitez opened with a kick but Ontiveros fired back with number of his own before the two engaged in the clinch and went to work against the cage. Benitez landed a solid combination on the break and Ontiveros hit the mark with a nice right hand and a nice axe kick.

Benitez kept moving forward and throwing, but Ontiveros circled and looked to counter, while peppering in kicks. Benitez ducked under another axe kick and got the clinch against the cage, where he worked elbows until the ref stepped in due to a low blow on Ontiveros from a knee.

After a time out, a touch of the gloves and the two exchanged again with Benitez landing a crushing punch that hurt Ontiveros and sent him reeling back into the cage. Benitez pounced on a hurt Ontiveros and landed a combination before getting the take down and slammed Ontiveros to the mat. There he took the mounted position and hammered down punches onto Ontiveros that forced the referee to step in and call the fight.

Official Result: Gabriel Benitez def. Charlie Ontiveros by TKO, Round 1, 3:35