Scouting the Globe 2022: The Five Best Prospects From Georgia

Featherweight, Mate Sanikidze (8-2)

Mate Sanikidze is more of a striker/kickboxer but lately he’s decided to wrestle more. I wouldn’t say he’s a great wrestler but he’s come a long way compared to a few years ago.

Sanikidze blends in his striking and takedowns together so well it’s tough to know when he will shoot. He’s the same way with his striking as he mixes in kicks and punches, always throwing something different. Overall he’s hard to read. Sanikidze has a nice flow to him on the feet. He throws some slick combinations while the release and hands are quick from the hip.

At his age and with his skillset already, you can imagine how much better he will be in a few years. Sanikidze isn’t even near his prime and that’s a scary thought.