Scouting the Globe 2022: The Five Best Prospects From France


Welterweight, Baissangour Chamsoudinov (5-0)

Chamsoudinov at just 20 years old is already so well-rounded, calm in his approach, and just very smart, almost more like a seasoned veteran.

I like this kid from France, who trains out of the MMA Factory with an abundance of top talent. Chamsoudinov on the feet moves a lot, circling out and putting the jab in your face. He’s patient and picks away at distance and then explodes in bursts with short power combinations. Everything he does on the feet he does so well and as the fight goes he tends to get stronger.

Chamsoudinov has the ability to get the body lock and sling guys to the ground. He’s also good at using trips and creating traps in the clinch for the takedowns. Considering all the effort he puts into everything like his takedowns using a lot of muscle and his constant movement on the feet his endurance is fantastic.


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