Contender Series’ Ozzy Diaz Got Call Seconds After LFA Belt

LFA 127
Ozzy Diaz and Bruno Assis, LFA 127 weigh-in Credit: Legacy Fighting Alliance

Organizations like LFA have largely become a feeder directly into the UFC or Dana White’s Contender Series. It’s become almost expected that champions of that and similar organizations will get the call. However, many champions have to wait on that call, which can be stressful. Ozzy Diaz isn’t one who had to wait.

In fact, Ozzy Diaz got the call to be on the first episode of this year’s Contender Series almost instantaneously.

“Man, you know, it’s crazy. Literally, they put the belt on me, I did the interview inside the cage, I walked out – you know how the doctor’s check you out?” Diaz said. “During the doctor’s check my manager actually called me. So right then and there I got the news.”

Needless to say, there was a lot going through the head of the middleweight prospect. There was no doubt he was taking the fight, but was overcome with all that he went through in those few minutes.

“I had my emotions from winning the belt and then the opportunity right away,” he shared. “I was so happy and blessed – thank God for all the opportunities.”

Now getting ready to step into the cage in the Apex, Diaz has a job to do yet again. Trying to stop him from reaching his next opportunity is Contender Series veteran Joseph Pyfer. Diaz is familiar with how tough of an opponent he’s got in front of him, but no matter what, he feels he’s about to meet that next goal of his.

“I’m preparing for a hell of a war,” Diaz said.”Regardless, I’m getting my hand raised whether it be a one-minute fight, two-minute fight, two rounds or fifteen minutes – sh*t, it could be twenty-five minutes. I don’t care, my hand gets raised.”

You can catch Ozzy Diaz’s Contender Series bout against Joseph Pyfer this Tuesday. The bout will serve as the main event to the first edition of this season.

You can hear the entire audio of this interview at 2:05.