UFC London: Muhammad Mokaev Secures Dominant Win Over Newcomer Charles Johnson

Muhammad Mokaev and Charles Johnson, UFC London
Muhammad Mokaev and Charles Johnson, UFC London Ceremonial Weigh-In, July 22, 2022 Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Making his debut at UFC London on Saturday was LFA flyweight champion Charles Johnson — a talented 125 pound fighter paired up with uber-prospect Muhammad Mokaev.

Mokaev was undefeated in both his young professional career and extensive amateur run, where he was a multiple-time IMMAF champion. In March, at the very same venue he’d face Johnson in Saturday, Mokaev had made his UFC debut, steamrolling Cody Durden.

Saturday’s UFC London card gave him a chance for an encore performance.

Forward pressure from Mokaev started the fight, as he was chasing Johnson around the cage cutting him off. Mokaev shot in for a takedown, cut the corner, and got it down. It was only briefly as Johnson got back to his feet but with Mokaev still on his back. Johnson did a good job keeping his balance and when put down he was getting right back up. Mokaev not being able to keep Johnson down was still all over him on his back. Johnson eventually turned towards Mokaev but Mokaev changed levels for the takedown. Johnson bounced back up with Mokaec on his back again. The round ended in the same position as it started, with Mokeve behind the back of Johnson standing.

In round two, finally with some space, things stared off with forward pressure from Johnson. Mokaev did shoot in for a takedown but Johnson sprawled. Shortly after Mokaev got him against the cage and shot in on the legs getting Johnson down. Johnson right back up and Mokaev was right back on the back. Johnson kept getting away but Mokaev was just all over him. As Mokaev pulled Johnson down he almost let him on top but won a scramble and got top position. Johnson didn’t bounce right back up but did move well off his back but Mokaev ended the round on top.

In the final round there was some urgency from Johnson as he came forward landing kicks. Mokaev timed him coming in and got Johnson to the mat. Like most of the fight, Johnson got right back up but Mokaev had the back in control of the waist. Mokaev did land a little highlight suplex before Johnson got back to his feet. Two minutes in Johnson finally escaped but Mokaev was a dog on a bone getting right back on a leg. Johnson defended well but just couldn’t break the grasp of Mokaev.

The end result was a decision win for Mokaev, whose control and takedowns gave him every round on all three scorecards.

Official Result: Muhammad Mokaev def. Charles Johnson by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)