UFC London: Marc Diakiese Dominates Hadzovic With Wrestling Clinic, Takes UD

Marc Diakiese and Damir Hadzovic, UFC London
Marc Diakiese and Damir Hadzovic, UFC London Ceremonial Weigh-In, July 22, 2022 Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

London, UK – Congolese-born Brit Marc Diakiese missed UFC London back in March by a week, competing instead in Columbus, Ohio. He’d get the win over Viacheslav Borschev that night, and on Saturday got the chance to compete at the O2 Arena in London, England, where he was the hometown favorite opposite Damir Hadzovic.

Round one Diakiese worked quickly to get in on a takedown and worked on top of Hadzovic. Hadzovic used an open guard quite a bit trying to stop Diakiese from passing. The pressure from Diakiese was great as Hadzovic had problems trying to get to a better position much less stand up. After a while Diakiese was able to get to half guard and then work to take the back. Hadzovic continued to defend knowing that if he stood up he’s be wearing a heavy backpack. The rest of the round was a wrestling clinic for Diakiese who put Hadzovic where ever he wanted to.

Round two after an initial striking exchange Diakiese got in on a single leg shots. After a few seconds of defending Hadzovic was unable to stop the take down and Diakiese ended up on top in half guard. When Hadzovic would get to his feet Diakiese would quickly get him back down efficiently. Diakiese was able to land some shots on the ground, but otherwise just controlled positions for most of the round. After a time-out by ref Herb Dean to check on a cut above the eye due to a head clash the round ended with Diakiese landing on Hadzovic on the feet.

Round three Diakiese got right back to his wrestling as he very easily got Hadzovic on the ground and got top position. This time Diakiese tried to land damage from the position landing some elbows and short punches. Hadzovic continued to defend and try to get up, but Diakiese has been able to easily take him back down. Near the end of the round Diakiese allowed Hadzovic up and threw fancy kicks until time ran out.

Official Result: Marc Diakiese def. Damir Hadzovic via UD (30-26, 30-26, 30-27)