UFC Vegas 58: Michael Johnson Reflects On Five-Year Anniversary Of Justin Gaethje Fight

Las Vegas, NV – Michael Johnson reflected on one of his most legendary fights.

On July 7, 2015, Johnson welcomed Justin Gaethje to the UFC, and for as long as it lasted, it turned out to be one of the best fights you will ever see. Both fighters were hurt, and both ate some unreal shots.

Gathje would defeat Michael Johnson via TKO in the second round.

On Wednesday, it was the fifth anniversary, and Johnson reflected on the epic fight during UFC Vegas 58 media day.

“Sh*t, I barely remember that fight, hahaha. It was so long ago. It was an incredible fight, you know? One thing that I do know is everybody did not want to fight him,” Johnson told Cageside Press. “Nobody wanted to fight Justin Gaethje [when he was] coming over. I was hearing that he was getting offered to so many people, all these badasses, all the top best guys at the division, and they were all saying no to him. I looked at him, and it wasn’t a thought at all. I said absolutely, yes. You know, let’s fight.”

“The only thing was a little bit of a purse issue because he made more than I did that fight, but you know, he was a champion coming over. So that’s understandable. But um, yeah, that’s what I remember, man. I love these tough fights. I want to fight the best of the best, and you know him coming over, I wanted to give him a fight, and I think I gave him a pretty good one. That’s definitely a rematch that I want.”

Johnson vs. Gaethje 2? Hell yes. Sign us up.

But before that happens, Johnson has to get through Jamie Mullarkey on Saturday.

Watch the rest of Michael Johnson’s UFC Vegas 58 media day interview above.