UFC Vegas 58: Caio Borralho Explains His Tattoos

Las Vegas, LV – Caio Borralho has explained the meaning of his neck tattoo.

There are a lot of tattoos in MMA that are infamous. You see them, and you know exactly who they belong to.

UFC newcomer, Borralho has a couple of tattoos that stick out like a sore thumb. The Brazilian has a neck tattoo that reads ‘Free Spirit.’ It might seem obvious, but Borralho says the tattoo has two meanings to him.

Caio Borralho showing his neck tattoo, UFC Vegas 58 media day Credit: Alex Behunin/Cageside Press

At UFC Vegas 58 media day, he explained the meaning.

“Yeah, there’s a lot of meaning in these tattoos. But I think the principle in this one is that I’m free inside the octagon like I can do everything over there,” Borralho told Cageside Press. “That’s why they call me ‘The Natural’ because everywhere is natural for me. I’m a free spirit inside the octagon. Free of pressure, free of anxiety, free of fear. I don’t judge anything go over there, you know?
The other meaning is that people need to be free spirited a little bit more. Like, I see social media and stuff and everyone trying to be like, other guys. No, no, you need to be yourself to be free. So I myself, I’m unique, and I’m a free spirit. And I hope this message is passing to everyone you know.”

Borralho said that he knew he would make it to the UFC and get asked about his tattoos.

“I pass this message to everyone because all these tattoos, guys – I [got the tattoos] thinking that I will be in the UFC, passing this message. “I [got these] before I was in the UFC. So I knew when I got into the big stage, you guys were going to be to ask me about them, you know. So now everything that I’ve visualized is happening. And that’s it. That’s the message I want to pass.”

Borralho returns for his second UFC fight at UFC Vegas 58 in his second consecutive co-main event against Armen Petrosyan.

Watch the rest of his UFC Vegas 58 media day interview above.