UFC: Ilia Topuria Willing to Fight at 155 If A Fight Motivates Him

Las Vegas, NV — Although usually competing as a featherweight, Ilia Topuria is more than willing to stick around 155 pounds if the right fight presents itself.

Topuria (12-0) made his lightweight debut at UFC London back in March, knocking out Jai Herbert. The fight had all sorts of eyeballs on it thanks to a pre-fight altercation between Topuria and Paddy “The Baddy” Pimblett at the host hotel — and while Topuria is expected to return to featherweight waters, a fight with Pimblett, or any other fight that motivates the Georgian, could see him stick around 155.

“If there is some fight that motivates me, why not? I showed in my last fight that I can knock people out at 155, 145, that’s no problem for me,” Topuria told Cageside Press during UFC X this past Friday. “I’m a man, if I walk out there and if someone told me something, for me it doesn’t matter what his weight class is. I’m going fight with him. This is what happens to me right now. If I have to fight at 155, why not? Let’s do it.”

Topuria’s 12-0 start to his career has been nothing short of impressive thus far. Being a part of the big show, “It feels amazing, like a dream come true,” he said. “This is what I worked for since I was a kid, and I’m glad to be here right now and living a dream for me.”

As a new generation fighter, Topuria is one that is well rounded everywhere. He’s not only had big knockouts, he’s survived the grappling prowess of fighters like Ryan Hall.

“The thing is, since I started to train, I didn’t want to have some weaknesses,” Topuria said of his skill set. “That’s why I put so much work in the gym, for my stand-up, for my wrestling, my ground game, and I put a lot of hours [in]. That’s why.”

Watch our full interview with Ilia Topuria above.