The Ultimate Fighter 30, Episode 10 — Southpaw vs. Southpaw

Brogan Walker The Ultimate Fighter 30
Brogan Walker, TUF 30 Credit: ESPN

Team Nunes gets a field trip to kick off the latest installment of The Ultimate Fighter 30, entitled “Throw Nasty Stuff.”

With the show mainly sticking to training and business inside the cage this season (read: no drunken antics), it’s a rare look at the competitors having fun. Soon enough, however, it’s back to the mats, with Team Pena’s Laura Gallardo prepping for a southpaw versus southpaw fight with Brogan Walker.

Amanda Nunes believes Walker is more well-rounded that Gallardo, who entered the TUF 30 tournament as a replacement, winning her first fight on short notice. Walker is nursing a knee injury, something Nunes admits is “dangerous to work with.”

Back at the TUF house, the teams both watch UFC 272. No doubt hoping that some day, they’ll each be part of a similar major event. Then it’s time for weigh-ins, with both Gallardo and Walker hitting the mark for their women’s flyweight semifinal.

“Me and Brogan in that cage, that’s the only moment that matters. Nothing else matters,” Gallardo says ahead of the fight.

The Ultimate Fighter 30: Laura Gallardo vs. Brogan Walker

Gallardo immediately takes her opponent to the cage in her flyweight semifinal with Walker. They battle for position a bit before Walker gets free; that takes them back to center. Before long, Gallardo changes levels, then winds up with a body lock, trying for a trip. She can’t land it, but puts Walker on the fence. Walker fights her off, and they’re back at range again, with Brogan firing a leg kick. Gallardo works her jab, but winds up circling on the outside.

As the round wears on, Walker has more success on the feet, leading Gallardo to another level change and takedown attempt. Employing a whizzer, Walker stays up while Gallardo fires knees to the thigh. Walker finds space right at the end of the round, unleashing several punches.

Round two opens with Walker working her jab, while Gallardo fires a kick followed by a punch up top. Walker has Gallardo backpedaling in the first half of the round, getting the better of the exchanges. She adds in some leg kicks, with Gallardo having a much harder time closing the distance this round. Walker’s jab is landing, snapping her opponent’s head back. At the one minute mark, Gallardo shoots in, but once again, Walker stuffs the attempt, showing excellent balance and a good sprawl.

They’d head to a third and deciding round. Again Gallardo cannot get the fight down. Walker has the edge on the feet, and when Gallardo does hunt the takedown, Walker just bullies her. Another sprawl, another stuffed attempt, and Gallardo is running out of both time and options. Going the distance, it’s no surprise to see Walker with her hand raised.

Official Result: Brogan Walker def. Laura Gallardo by unanimous decision

Next week, Kamaru Usman pays a visit to the TUF house, as his brother is set to face Eduardo Perez in the second heavyweight semifinal.