Jan Blachowicz Believes UFC Would Be Crazy Not to Book Him Against Prochazka in Europe

Las Vegas, NV — Former UFC light heavyweight champ Jan Blachowicz is gunning for a fight with newly crowned champ Jiri Prochazka — a fight he believes should take place somewhere in Europe.

Speaking to Cageside Press during International Fight Week at UFC X, Poland’s Blachowicz (29-9) said it would be crazy for the promotion not to host the bout overseas. So he’s hoping very much to land a European date with the Czech champ.

“I hope so, if they give me this fight, [that] it will be in Europe. But I will go anywhere, any time in the world. Just give me this fight,” Blachowicz exclaimed. “But if they will not do it in Europe, that will be crazy a little bit. Because I think Europe deserves this fight, it’s going to be the biggest MMA fight in Europe in history.”

“Believe me, 60,000 people in the National Stadium [Stadion Narodowy] in Poland will be watching this fight,” the Polish star added.

Blachowicz vs. Prochazka would very much be a Samurai vs. Polish Power fight, going by the pair’s personas. Or perhaps Samurai vs. The Witcher, a series Blachowicz is a big fan of. And he believes against a Samurai, The Witcher wins.

“Easy, easy. Nobody can be The Witcher. He’s like a monster slayer too.”

During International Fight Week, Blachowicz was without his legendary lucky bracelet. Apparently it was lost — along with his luggage. While that may seem less than lucky, as Blachowicz pointed out, it boils down to the fact that the “lucky bracelet gives luck to me, not to luggage!”

Watch our full interview with former UFC light heavyweight champ Jan Blachowicz above.