UFC: Dominick Reyes Says He’s “Back on the Horse,” “Ready to Devastate the Division Again”

Las Vegas, NV — UFC light heavyweight Dominick Reyes appears to be getting closer and closer to his return.

Reyes (12-3) hasn’t fought since a brutal May 2021 knockout loss at the hands of Jiri Prochazka. The finishing blow, a spinning back elbow, earned Prochazka a title shot; he secured the belt just last month.

Reyes, meanwhile, has been watching a lot of MMA without getting to compete. But while it might seem frustrating to remain idle for so long, the two-time UFC light heavyweight title challenger actually enjoys watching his peers go to work.

“I really enjoy watching the fights. I enjoy watching good fight,” Reyes told Cageside Press at UFC X on Friday. “Every time there’s a great fight in the light heavyweight division, it makes me happy. Because at the end of the day, we’re all on the same team, all the light heavyweights. Our division is our division. When we fight, people watch us. We are dangerous mofos. It’s collisions, and it’s great fights.”

It seems Reyes is really just about the betterment of the division as a whole. A rising tide lifts all ships, after all. “So as long as my colleagues in the light heavyweight division are putting on good fights, I’m happy,” he continued. “I’m happy for all their success, I’m happy for everyone. I want everybody to make as much money as possible, do their thing, but when we fight, we fight. It’s business.”

As for his return, Reyes said that “It’s been a minute. And I’m back, baby. I’m on the horse again. I’m enjoying training every day, I’m having fun, and I’m ready to devastate the division again.”

Soon, in other words.

Watch our full interview with Dominick Reyes above.