UFC 276: Andre Muniz Smothers Uriah Hall, Enters Top Ten

Uriah Hall and Andre Muniz, UFC 276
Uriah Hall and Andre Muniz, UFC 276 Ceremonial Weigh-Ins. Credit: Alex Behunin/CagesidePress

Andre Muniz only needed three takedowns to dominate Uriah Hall at UFC 276, staying undefeated in the Octagon.

Classic striker versus grappler. That was the match-up that awaited when Uriah Hall, known for his deadly hands (not to mention kicking ability) met Andre Muniz at UFC 276 on Saturday.

Not that long ago, Muniz had snapped the arm of the fearsome Jacare Souza. Meaning Hall did not want to end up stuck on the ground with the Brazilian, any more than Muniz wanted a stand-up war with “Prime Time.”

Muniz opened the fight with left high kick that Hall parried away. Muniz then had the first successful strike of the fight with a body kick. A head kick landed clean for Muniz and Hall fired a combination to back Muniz away. The kicks of Muniz continued to land with a low kick sending Hall off balance. Muniz then blitzed in with a punching combination and took Hall down quickly. Muniz was in side control briefly before Hall was able to regain guard. Muniz passed to half guard, then entered mount. Muniz looked for a mounted triangle, but Hall used the window to escape and get to his feet. Muniz hung on and dragged him down, taking the back of Hall. Several armbar attempts and choke attempts were thwarted by Hall as he survived to the first bell.

High kicks were traded to start the second round as Muniz backed Hall to the fence. A two-punch combination landed for Muniz as he attempted a takedown that Hall defended. Hall was able to defend a second takedown, but Muniz was relentless and landed a trip. Quickly, Muniz went from guard to full mount. Muniz sprinkled ground and pound and was able to take the back of Hall. Muniz went for an armbar from the back, Hall slipped out and landed heavy ground and pound to end the round.

Muniz started the third round with a head kick and a slick left hand. A right hand went into Muniz’s first takedown effort, a single-leg that was successful. Muniz went to half guard, then Hall exposed his back and Muniz took full advantage. He got both hooks in and rode out the round until Hall spun out with 10 seconds left, ending the fight in top position. It was dominance otherwise for Andre Muniz.

Andre Muniz def. Uriah Hall by Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)