UFC 276: Bryan Barberena Stops Robbie Lawler in Slugfest

Robbie Lawler and Bryan Barberena, UFC 276
Robbie Lawler and Bryan Barberena, UFC 276 Ceremonial Weigh-Ins. Credit: Alex Behunin/CagesidePress

Both men landed their fair share of punches, but it was the chin of Bryan Barberena that outlasted former champion Robbie Lawler’s at UFC 276.

It started out on the UFC 276 prelims, which prompted an outcry from the MMA faithful. In the end, it landed on the main card.

Where ever it was positioned, Robbie Lawler vs. Bryan Barberena sure felt like a fun fight — one with explosive potential.

Robbie Lawler got off to a good start, mixing in body shots with punches up high. A big right connected for Lawler that woke Barberena up, as he started firing back big haymakers. Both men traded heavy shots as Lawler mixed in a shot to the body. A left hand from Lawler wobbled Barberena, who sat back and fired away. Barberena landed three body shots in a row, taking a page out of his opponent’s book. Barberena distracted Lawler with feints before unloading to the body. A pair of elbows landed for Barberena and Lawler answered with a body-head combo. A lead elbow connected for Barberena, who then ate a huge left hand. Barberena connected with a pair of combinations late in the round.

Barberena connected with a pair of right hands to start the second round, then found his back to the fence with Lawler right in front of him. Lawler wobbled Barberena with a huge jab, then caught him with another. A left from Lawler landed over the top. Barberena landed a pair of punches with his left finding the mark. Lawler jabbed Barberena again. Simultaneous right hands, then lefts landed as the welterweights were throwing down. An elbow followed by a left hand rocked Lawler then all hell broke loose. Both men were throwing with no regard for defense, but it was Barberena landing the harder shots. A right hand rocked Lawler to the fence, then another stunned him. Barberena emptied the tank and got the stoppage, finishing the former champion.

Bryan Barberena def. Robbie Lawler by TKO (Punches) in Round 2 (4:47)