Michael Chiesa Recovering From Injury, Concedes Maverick Nickname To Miranda

Las Vegas, NV – UFC welterweight Michael Chiesa is comfortable wearing many hats including active fighter and analyst. He spoke with Cageside Press about what’s next for his career.

“I’m on the mend from a little injury right now. The most important thing right now is to make sure I get a full bill of health before I get back in the octagon, but I got the itch to compete. Specially being out here at International Fight week,” Chiesa said.

“I’m eager to get back in there, but I’ve got to make sure my body is right.”

Chiesa (18-6) is currently ranked #11 at welterweight and has become a target of callouts for up-and-coming fighters whether on social media or in post-fight interviews. Chiesa realizes he’s in the top group of 170-pound fighters, but doesn’t really think about it too much.

“I’m a pretty humble guy so I don’t really put myself on any type of pedestal, but as an analyst I definitely take a step back and look at that division. We have a good mix of up-and-coming talent. The Shavkat Rakhmonovs, the Khamzat Chimaevs and the established veterans like Jorge Masvidal, Gilbert Burns, myself,” said Chiesa.

“So it’s a really fun division to compete in.”

“Maverick” shares a nickname with Miranda Maverick given that the latter’s name is actually their last name. Chiesa may have to concede the name to the flyweight contender.

“I can’t compare myself to her when it comes to my nickname up against her last name. Given the fact that it’s her last name I can’t contend with that,” Chiesa laughed.

“Nonetheless she’s a heck of a fighter and it’s something nice that we have in common.”

Watch the entire interview and Michael Chiesa playing a round of “Heads Up” above. UFC X continues in Las Vegas leading up to Saturday night’s UFC 276.