PFL 4: Delan Monte Wants to Take Million Dollars Back to Brazil, “Change the Live of Many People”

Atlanta, GA — One of the more surprising additions to the PFL 2022 roster has been Delan Monte, a little-known Brazilian light heavyweight who now has a spot in the post-season.

After being finished in his first fight by reigning champ Antonio Carlos Junior, Monte scored a blistering knockout of another champ, Emiliano Sordi, at PFL 4 on Friday to lock up a playoff spot. As always, a million dollars awaits the champion at the end of the season.

Monte (9-2) believes he’s just getting started.

“I still have a lot to show, I still have a lot to learn. I’m 28-years old, I’m only getting better. And PFL is giving me the opportunity to show all of that,” Monte said, speaking via translator following the fight at the Overtime Elite Arena. “Tonight was awesome, I was happy to fight. Spinning my arms around, heavy hands all over the place, it was great.”

Following the fight, Monte told Cageside Press that he was “super happy. Happy to be able to come out here and show my knockout power. Props to Antonio in the last fight, he was quick to it, but I’m happy I was able to come out here and show what I’m able to do.”

What you saw Friday is typical of the way Monte likes to fight, he added. “Whatever way it is, I love to stand and bang, I love to brawl. If I have to take him down, I take him down, but I’m always gunning for the finish. My next fight will be the same way.”

Now, “God willing,” Monte added, he’s going to be “taking this million dollars back home to my family, to Paraíba, to Brazil, to change the lives of many people.”

Watch the full PFL 4 post-fight press scrum with Delan Monte above.