PFL 4: Josh Silveira Says He Must Finish Marthin Hamlet In Promotional Debut


Atlanta, GA — Josh Silveira is planning to finish his opponent in his PFL debut.

After having a fight fall through in April because of an injury, Silveira makes his highly anticipated promotional debut at PFL 4. The 29-year-old injured his shoulder a week before the PFL 1 in Arlington, Texas, which saw him miss out on the first round of the regular season.

“So I basically separated my AC joint — it runs along the collarbone. It’s one of the few injuries where the bone kind of goes out of place, and you don’t need surgery. Surgery is actually not recommended,” Silveira told Cageside Press during Wednesday’s PFL 4 media day. “It took me two and a half weeks, three weeks and we were back on the horse, man. You can consider this like two camps in one.”

Silveira was disappointed with the setback, but got over it after a few days.

“I was disappointed, but like my dad says, ‘go cry but don’t cry for too long because that’s not going to do sh*t for you.’ I was disappointed, but then I started rebuilding my mentality and these things happen, you know, [everything] happens for a reason,” Silveira said. “So I’m just blessed to be here and healthy again and be able to fight in the PFL for the second round.”

Silveira starts with a severe disadvantage in the 2022 season. He has 0 points going into the second round, with all of the top four light heavyweights having six points and five points, respectively.

With that on his mind, Silveira knows he needs a finish over Marthin Hamlet. However, that shouldn’t be too difficult for the American Top Team product because all but one of his eight fights have ended in a stoppage.

“Yeah, in my mind, it has to happen, but I’m smart first. I’m not going to try to force a finish and then go lose a fight,” Silveira said. “I’m undefeated, and that’s a good perk on my side. So, let’s try to maintain that and go finish this fight. Put the pressure and the way I fight; I get finishes. The one fight I didn’t finish was a five-round fight, and I was debating in my mind if should I turn it up or if should I just kind of coast. I picked my choice to just fight five rounds and get that experience. But I’m a finisher, and it’ll just happen within a matter of time.”

Watch the rest of Josh Silveira’s PFL 4 media day appearance above. Silveira faces off against Marthin Hamlet on ESPN+ this Friday, June 17, 2022 in Atlanta, GA.


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