UFC 275: Jake Matthews Downs Andre Fialho in Firefight

Andre Fialho and Jake Matthews, UFC 275
Andre Fialho and Jake Matthews, UFC 275 face-off Credit: Youtube/UFC

Following a win at UFC 274, Andre Fialho, who joined the UFC back in January on short notice and who has fought twice since, got his wish, being added to the UFC 275 card in Singapore for his fourth fight in under six months.

With a 2-1 record to date inside the octagon, welterweight Fialho had been fighting at a Cowboy-like pace, and on Saturday was paired up with Jake Matthews. Quite the opposite of Fialho in terms of activity, Matthews had not competed in over a year, with his last fight coming in March 2021, ending in a loss to Sean Brady.

The second card in on the UFC 275 PPV started at a measured pace, with Fialho methodically moving forward, and Matthews happy to counter. Matthews mixed in a high kick, a low kick, and made it difficult for Fialho to close the distance.

Towards the final minute of the opening round, Matthews connected with a combination upstairs; several of those punches got through. Fialho regrouped, fired a low kick, and followed up with an overhand. In the final 30 seconds they did some phonebooth fighting, and Matthews came off the cage, backing Fialho up. But it was Fialho rocking Matthews right before the buzzer! Matthews would end the round on the canvas, though that may have been a slip.

Early in round two, Fialho was rocked! At uppercut caught him, he then got hit again, and again; Matthew was teeing off, but Fialho, though wobbled, stayed with it. Matthews continued to take some big swings, and unlike in the first round, the Australian was leading the dance. A right hand over the ear rocked Fialho again. Matthews backed him up, and tagged him against the fence with a left! Fialho was still upright, but not for long! Matthews unleashed fury, and Fialho went down as Matthews fired yet another left hand that finally sealed the deal!

After the win, Matthews called for a spot on September’s UFC Paris card.

Official Result: Jake Matthews def. Andre Fialho by knockout, Round 2, 2:24