UFC Vegas 55: Jun-Yong Park Down To Fight “Everybody,” Jokes About Fight In Brazil


Las Vegas, NV – UFC middleweight Jun-Yong Park was all smiles following his decision win over Eryk Anders at UFC Vegas 55 on Saturday night.

Once he spoke on the win Park spoke of some of the pressure he felt going into the fight.

“Honestly I’m not that proud of my performance. The last loss was weighing really heavy on my mind for some reason so I fought really, really nervous this time. I feel like I didn’t fight up to my full potential this time around,” Park told reporters including Cageside Press through a translator at his post-fight scrum.

Park showed some emotion following the decision, and yelled in the octagon.

“I cursed a little bit, in a good way, after I won. But I want to apologize for cursing. I’m usually not that guy. That’s how happy I was,” Park said with a smile.

“I’m really sorry.”

Anders employed a game plan which seemed to consist of shooting, clinching, then landing in the clinch or on the break. This left openings for Park which fed right into his game plan.

“My game plan this time around was lots of jabs and lots kicks to the inside of his leg. In training camp we also practice a lot of uppercuts because he was ducking his head when he was coming,” Park said.

Park seemed to be relatively unscathed following the 15-minute bout which deemed the question of when he would like to return. Instead he offered a couple locations.

“Honestly I’m good most places. Las Vegas is great, Korea’s even better, I just don’t want to travel too far. The jet lag is brutal,” Park said.

“My coach really wants a fight in Brazil because apparently it’s the furthest point from Korea that you can get. So, just to screw with (coach).”

Which his first win of 2022 secured Park had a chance to name an opponent for his next bout, but his answer was short and simple.

“Everybody,” Park said.

“Everybody, no problem.”

Watch the full UFC Vegas 55 post-fight media scrum with Jun-Yong Park above. More coverage from the event can be found below.


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