UFC Vegas 55: Fluid Chase Hooper Dazzles on the Ground, Stops Felipe Colares

Felipe Colares and Chase Hooper, UFC Vegas 55
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - MAY 21: (R-L) Chase Hooper battles Felipe Colares of Brazil in a featherweight bout during the UFC Fight Night event at UFC APEX on May 21, 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC)

After an extended layoff, the former “Teenage Dream” (now simply “The Dream) known as Chase Hooper returned to action at UFC Vegas 55, up against Felipe Colares.

The featherweight match-up was second in on the Fight Night event’s preliminary card — though Hooper had told Cageside Press earlier this month that his 145 pound days might be numbered.

There was very little surprise at seeing Hooper tie the fight up early. And while Hooper couldn’t get the fight down immediately, he did land a punch off the break. Hooper later caught a kick and did get the fight down, but he wound up giving up the position, with Colares getting on top. Colares then landed some heavy hammer fists, but Hooper scrambled, only to have the ref take away the position for grabbing the fence.

Restarting on the feet, they didn’t stay there long, but Hooper wound up on bottom. He  then scrambled, got on top, and transitioned the the back. Smooth as silk. Hooper would roll, and slip right around Colares as he did, staying on top the entire time. Slick, but Colares would work his way up — after eating some decent shots from Hooper.

It didn’t take Hooper long to hook a leg and get the fight down again however. And in half-guard, “The Dream” began to drop elbows. The opened up a choke attempt, and though Colares survived, Hooper lit him up on the feet to close out the round!

The pair were back on the ground inside of a minute in round two, with Hooper working off his back. Chase attacked a leg after starting the round swinging, which opened up the avenue for the takedown. Colares got up, and Hooper was right on him. Hooper finally just pulled Colares down on top of him, holding on with a body lock. Colares moved to side control, and Hooper just slid out from under him — though he ate a few hammer fists in the process. Hooper’s continued scrambles were dizzying, but Colares managed to catch him in a crucifix. Yet even that led to Hooper using the fence to flip himself over Colares. He wound up attacking a kneebar, and got to mount, flattening Colares out.

In the third, the ground game continued. Colares tried to trap Hooper in a headlock, but let’s be honest, that was never going to work. The young featherweight was fluid, his transitions like water, and he was soon on top, dropping ground n’ pound. With three minutes left, Hooper got in mount. Colares gave up his back, and Hooper kept landing punches. Hooper then got under the neck; Colares fought the hands. Hooper landed several punches while he did so, and kept the pressure on. Colares was covering up, and the ref called it!

22-year old Chase Hooper is now 3-2 in the UFC, with all three wins coming inside the distance.

Official Result: Chase Hooper def. Felipe Colares by TKO (ground n’ pound), Round 3, 3:00


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