Michael Page Wishes Yaroslav Amosov Well, But With Win at Bellator 281, Says He’ll Be the Champ


Michael Page is finally competing for a world title in Bellator. It’s just not the title, or opponent, he expected.

Page (20-1) was supposed to face Yaroslav Amosov in the main event of Bellator 281 this Friday, May 13, in MVP’s back yard in London, England. But after Russia launched an invasion into neighbouring Ukraine, Amosov answered the call to defend his home country.

The Ukrainian champ is still fighting, on the battlefield, as war continues to rage in Ukraine. That means there’s an interim title up for grabs as Page takes on Logan Storley, who got the call to replace Amosov.

“Yeah, it’s a crazy situation. The fact that I can sit here and tell anybody that the reason why I’m not fighting this particular opponent is because they’ve gone off to war is crazy in itself,” Page acknowledged during Wednesday’s Bellator 281 media day, speaking to Cageside Press and other outlets. “And I’m not lying by saying that. So it just kind of shows you the kind of place that we are in the world right now. But for me, I put myself, not even second, not third, not fourth, I’m way last. My feelings in this matter are not important at all because of what’s going on. So for me, I wish Amosov well, I wish his family well, and I wish, hopefully everything comes to some sort of final conclusion so nobody’s suffering out there.”

With the situation fluid, there’s a chance Amosov could be out of action for a while — and it’s doubtful the promotion will be keen to strip him, given the circumstances. In a way, it feels as if there could be two champions for a spell; it wouldn’t be surprising to see the winner of MVP vs. Storley defending their title before Amosov can return.

Page, however, doesn’t buy into the two-champ scenario. “No, not at all. I look at is as, I am the champ. I’m about to take a belt home. I’m the champion of this division,” he stated. “The only difference is, when Amosov’s situation is settled and he gets to come back, he gets to jump to the front of the line to fight the champ. That’s it.”

Bellator giving the nod to Logan Storley means it’s still a wrestler Michael Page will face this Friday, but the similarity isn’t as close as you might think.

“It’s different. Although they’re both exceptionally good at wrestling, they’re different styles of wrestling,” Page explained. “I find Logan’s style more familiar to what the majority of people in MMA do, versus Amosov’s style. I think technically it was a better adjustment, but still an adjustment. It’s always going to be difficult, full stop.”

As for Storley’s striking? “Nowhere near me,” Page told Cageside Press. “It’s not even something I’m even considering in this fight.”

Watch the full Belltor 281 media day appearance from Michael Page above. Page faces Logan Storley for the Bellator MMA interim welterweight championship this Friday, May 13, 2022 as part of Bellator 281 at the SSE Arena, Wembley in London, England.


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