UFC 275’s Glover Teixeira on Prochazka: “I See the Guys That He Beat, the Way He Beat Them”

When you look at UFC 275 title challenger Jiri Prochazka, you might see a bit of light heavyweight champ Glover Teixeira in him — specifically, his early career run.

Like Teixeira did many years ago, Prochazka has put on a spectacular run up to his first title opportunity in the UFC. Many of his wins have come outside the promotion, but the Czech fighter has finish after finish, just like Teixeira did when he came to the UFC in 2012.

With the pair set to face off in Singapore next month, they appeared virtually at a press conference Monday — and Teixeira spoke with Cageside Press about how Prochazka’s recent run is similar to his, and the challenge he poses.

“Yeah, I don’t know. Like I say, I love the challenge. I think— Everybody keeps saying, [is] Jiri ready, is Jiri the next guy? Because he only had two fights in the UFC. But I see the guys that he beat, the way he beat them. And he’s fighting me right away.”

“I could sit back and say ‘he has to fight again,’ and make all the politics and stuff,” added Teixeira, who at 42 is one of the oldest champions in UFC history. But, said Teixeira, he’s trying to do things the right way. “I want to fight him because I thought he fought well, he was the next guy, and like I say, I like to challenge myself.”

As to how the two might compare in terms of style, “I like to say, with my game, it’s almost like the [movie] Bloodsport from Jean-Claude Van Damme— you see the style against style. But now we have one style that’s MMA, because everybody pretty much knows every style.”

But, questioned Teixeira, which one has gotten better? Which style is going to do better? “How’s this guy gonna train for my kind of style, going in there and grinding him and taking him into deep water, and taking him down and striking?”

“I’m just excited for that,” the champ finished.

Glover Teixeira faces Jiri Prochazka at UFC 275 on Saturday, June 11, 2022. What the full virtual press conference appearance from the light heavyweights can be viewed above.