UFC 274: Journey Complete — Newson Secures First Octagon Win Against Fernie Garcia

Journey Newson and Fernie Garcia, UFC 274
Journey Newson and Fernie Garcia, UFC 274 ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Eddie Law/Cageside Press

After going winless through his first three UFC fights (an initial victory against Domingo Pilarte had been overturned after a positive drug test for Marijuana), Journey Newson was tasked with welcoming Dana White’s Contender Series winner Fernie Garcia to the octagon at UFC 274.

The card-opener found Garcia riding a five-fight win streak, with none more important than his knockout of Joshua Weems on the Contender Series last October.

Newson came out hot, throwing a lot of kicks. He was throwing kicks from all angles including a bunch of wheel kicks and even a hook kick. Garcia was staying patient looking to land with his boxing combinations. Newson did time a nice takedown but Garcia got right back to his feet. Newson was throwing a lot and Garcia was countering well landing the much cleaner shots. Newson landed a hard outside leg kick to end the round.

In round two Newson came right at Garcia landing a good combination and Garcia responded right back. They traded leg kicks but Newson was throwing a bunch more in terms of explosive kicks, although nothing was landing. Newson exploded forward with a right-left and the left did seem to bother Garcia a little bit. Newson kept throwing that sidekick to the midsection. Garcia was still relying on his counter ability but Newson was sticking and moving too well.

In the final round, Newson opened up with a bunch of different kicks. He then shot in for a takedown and completed it. Newson almost took the back but Fernie got back to his feet. Newson kept on his bike circling the cage and staying busy with a lot of side kicks. Garcia had problems finding his range. Newson would stun Garcia with a big right hand and a hook kick but Garcia made it to the bell.

Come the scorecards, the end result was clear. Journey Newson finally had his first official UFC win.

Official Result: Journey Newson def. Fernie Garcia by unanimous decision (30–27, 30–27, 29–28)


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