UFC 273: Ian Garry Stays Undefeated, Takes Decision Win Over Darian Weeks

Ian Garry and Darian Weeks, UFC 273
Ian Garry and Darian Weeks, UFC 273 face-off Credit: Youtube/UFC

While Paddy Pimblett might get the lion’s share of the hype, many see Ian Garry as the real future among the talented prospects from the U.K. and Ireland. Hailing from Dublin, like another infamous Irish star, “The Future” entered UFC 273 with a perfect 8-0 record, and looked to continue that success against Darian Weeks.

Weeks had been given a tough out in his first UFC test, paired up with Bryan Barberena on short notice last year. That fight did not go his way.

Saturday’s return didn’t either. Both fighters took the center of the octagon after a touch of gloves. A kick from Weeks missed, and a hard front kick from Garry landed to start the fight. A low kick from Garry dropped Weeks. Weeks got back up and ate a 1-2-1. Weeks landed a left hand. on Garry that got his attention, Weeks shot for a takedown; Garry defended but was put against the fence. Just over two minutes left in the round, and Garry reversed Weeks and escaped. Garry landed a kick and punch. With mere seconds left, Garry landed a question mark kick, and shortly after, Weeks landed a kick that tripped Garry. Both fighters missed straight rights, and then Weeks put his opponent against the fence. Garry escaped, and the fight ended with a front kick from him.

Round two started with a low kick from Weeks, and Garry landed a jab. Garry’s counter right almost landed flush with 3:50 left. Weeks clinched with Garry again two minutes into the round and put him against the fence. Garry got off the fence with just over two minutes to go in the round. Garry landed a straight left. Ninety seconds left in the fight, Garry landed a 1-2, and Weeks countered with his own combo. Forty seconds left, and Weeks put Garry against the fence. Garry escaped with 10 seconds still on the clock, and the round ended with a flying knee from Garry.

Round three started with a push kick from Weeks. Garry landed a front kick and then a 1-2 that got Weeks’ attention. Just under four minutes left in the fight, and Garry defended a takedown. A minute or so later, and Garry landed a 1-2 high kick combo. Both fighters exchanged power jabs for two minutes. Garry landed a right hand with less than two minutes that dropped Weeks for a second, but he recovered quickly. Garry put Weeks against the fence with a minute and some change left. The fight ended with Weeks getting behind Garry. Come the scorecards, it was all Ian Garry, who improved to 9-0.

That is two straight wins for the Irish fighter inside the octagon, while Weeks has dropped his first two UFC fights.

Official Result: Ian Garry def. Darian Weeks via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)


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