Elise Reed Finally Feels Like A UFC Fighter, Hopes For Quick Turnaround After UFC London Win

While getting to the UFC is itself a huge accomplishment, many fighters feel like they aren’t a true UFC fighter until their first win in the promotion. Count Elise Reed among those who felt that way.

“Oh, absolutely. I mean, I didn’t wear any of the swag until this last one,” Reed told Cageside Press in an exclusive interview recently. “Like I would not wear it out. I didn’t wear the shorts until leading up to this fight, but it was only in like my small group because I wanted to at least get used to looking at it. Because sometimes that in itself is a thing, right? Where you’re like, holy sh*t like, I’m wearing UFC stuff.”

So, Reed continued, “I did a little mental prep in that regard, but I would not wear any of it out. Because, you know, haters are gonna hate, and that’s fine. But I am very like-minded in that where I will earn what I keep, and I earned the right to be in the UFC, but I hadn’t earned the win. And that’s what counts. So yes, absolutely. And anybody that wears UFC swag, and you just got in there, I’m calling you out because I did not; you got to get a W first.”

Reed (5-1) is coming off a split decision win over Cory McKenna at UFC London. Reed got to show off her quick hands, something she didn’t get to do in her UFC debut.

The 29-year old felt a little disrespected by the lack of coverage she got; however, she understood the business aspect and that it was McKenna’s first fight back in the UK. In the end, Reed is used to the underdog role and has embraced it. “It’s not ending anytime soon, I’m sure of it,” Reed said.

The former CFFC strawweight champion wants to turn right around and get booked for a second fight in 2022. There isn’t a specific name that she wants. All she wants is cage time and the chance to compete to get better.

“I want to get in as fast as I can,” Reed said. “I will fill any short notice fight, even somebody that’s a little higher than I am at this point, but I will fill any short notice fight. I’d like to fight at least twice before the end of the year. I think I could probably get three if I really want to be aggressive with it.”

“Definitely one before like mid-July. I really would like June, probably my favorite option. But mid-July at the latest and then hopefully again, October, September, like I just want to rack this stuff up. Because that’s the only way you’re going to get better. As much as training in the gym is really, really important. Time in the cage is; you just can’t repeat it. You can’t find it anywhere else.”

Watch the rest of our interview with UFC London winner Elise Reed above.