Meet Xtreme Couture’s Cobey “The Don” Fehr


Xtreme Couture has always been a pristine gym, but nowadays, the 16-year-old facility is one of the most elite gyms in the world.

One of the young prospects currently training there is Cobey Fehr. Fehr is 27-years old and is fighting at bantamweight. After going 5-2 as an amateur, he had his professional debut in January at Fierce FC 18. Fehr finished his opponent in the second round via TKO.

Fehr felt like he could have done more in his debut.

“[It was a] B minus; I could have done him a lot worse. I would say overall, probably like a six out of 10 for me, in comparison to what I do here at Xtreme or at the [UFC] PI,” Fehr told Cageside Press in an exclusive interview recently. “But also, you know, the adrenaline. There’s a lot that goes into the fight, a lot of emotions. I moved out here; I don’t have a social life really. I don’t have many friends. You know? Chase the dreams, I really expect to dominate. We’ll take [the win], solid.”

Fehr comes from a college wrestling background. He wrestled at Notre Dame College in Ohio. Many very talented fighters have come from those wrestling mats, such as A.J. McKee, Mo Miller, Cody Garbradt, Terrance McKinney, among many more.

Fehr found MMA while wrestling in college.

“So, I went to Strong Style and started doing some boxing while I was finishing college. And that’s like that’s when I really trained, but beforehand I trained I fought three times with no MMA experience, no training, never hit a mitt, never boxed, never kicked a bag. I didn’t know anything about MMA and took my first three fights like with a hood gene wrestling approach, you know, like I’m gonna use my wrestling to get to chokes and finish people,” Fehr said. “I did pretty decent and ended up fighting for an amateur belt against a guy who I think maybe had eight fights at the time, I got choked. So after that, I started taking martial arts seriously and learning the different styles.”

“It’s been a long journey, especially becoming a pro; it took a long time. I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right, the right lifestyle, the right path. And then, Eric Nicksick and my coaches here at Xtreme Couture kinda revamped my career and gave me almost a second chance at life. That’s the way it feels to me training with the top guys and being at one of the number one gyms in the world with the best coaching in the world. So, yeah, my fighting career has been definitely up and down for sure, though. It’s not an easy thing to do.”

Fehr is hoping to fight again in May. While the problem in the past has been finding him opponents, living in Las Vegas now, it shouldn’t be an issue.

Watch the rest of our interview with Cobey Fehr above.


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