UFC London: Makwan Amirkhani Puts Mike Grundy To Sleep Early

Mike Grundy and Makwan Amirkhani, UFC London
Mike Grundy and Makwan Amirkhani, UFC London ceremonial Weigh-In Credit: Jay Anderson/Cageside Press

Mike Grundy’s UFC London featherweight bout against Makwan Amirkhani was more than just another fight.

Ahead of the event, Grundy had revealed that his father had been diagnosed with a terminal illness, and that he was dedicating his performance to his dad — unsure how many more of his fights his father would be able to see.

Every fight has a story, and for Grundy, UFC London’s had become a very personal one.

Right away Amirkhani moved quickly to meet Grundy. After some feints, Grundy used his striking to get in on a takedown, but Amirkhani was able to grab a hold of an anaconda choke. Grundy fought to break the grip on his neck, but was unable to. Grundy went to sleep and Amirkhani earned a big win to break a three-fight losing streak.

Clearly not the result Mike Grundy had been looking for. Makwan Amirkhani fought like a man who knew his job was on the line — and he admitted as much later in the evening, saying he had shut off his social media in order to maintain focus on the fight, knowing a loss could have spelled his exit from the promotion.

Official Result: Makwan Amikrhani def. Mike Grundy by submission (Anaconda Choke), Round 1, :57