UFC London: Makwan Amirkhani Wants To Run Back All Losses

London – Inspiration and motivation to fight, for most fighters, seems to be rather easy to find. When your job is on the line coming into a big fight while riding a three-fight losing streak? That will light a fire under anyone.

UFC featherweight Makwan Amirkhani knew his spot on the UFC roster was on the line when he came into UFC London against Mike Grundy. Lucky for him Amirkhani was able to pull off the submission win on Saturday night at The O2 Arena.

“When you have few wins you get a lot of friends. Everybody is your friend. When you lose there is nobody. I loved the losses because of that reason that it showed who were the real people around me. And now when those people are gone and only the real ones are left I feel so much joy,” Amirkhani said to reporters at his post-fight scrum.

“Even though there was that pressure the losses showed me a lot of good things.”

His opponent came into UFC London with a lot of hometown support which is something Amirkhani noticed, but did not pay too much attention to.

“That’s all a show I don’t care about that. I was really pleased that fight ended that soon. Almost every sparring that I have had the past one year, two years, everybody has ended in anaconda choke. I have an album in my phone where is all the chokes from sparring and it’s all about anaconda. I showed album to my coach and I was like ‘If all these guys ended in anaconda, how he can survive from this?’ And he couldn’t.”

After such an exciting night for Amirkhani, and seemingly saving his spot in the UFC, what is next for the featherweight and what fight does he want?

“Every opponent that I have lost (to). Burgos, Arnold Allen, Barbosa, Kirk. All of them. I know why I have lost, I know my mistakes, I know where my head was when I was fighting against them. I know. I wasn’t mature enough. So let’s do it.”

Watch the full UFC London post-fight press scrum with Makwan Amirkhani above. More coverage from the event can be found below.