UFC Vegas 50: Javid Basharat Wants Afghan Flag For Next Walkout


Las Vegas, NV – As they say you only get one UFC debut and for bantamweight Javid Basharat it was a victorious one as he defeated Trevin Jones via unanimous decision at UFC Vegas 50 on Saturday night.

“It feels great. It feels like the preparation I’ve put in really helped me out in this fight. I had the best corner, the best team, best preparation and I’m just happy I got the win,” Basharat said to the media in his post-fight scrum.

Basharat (12-0) was able to control the fight with Jones using a set game plan that he learned from watching tape and his coaches installing a plan geared towards his strengths. Basharat won, but he was still critical of his performance.

“I’m always going to be my biggest critic. From what I remember of the fight usually, like if I don’t finish someone even in sparring or in training, if I don’t feel like I’ve put in enough work on them I’m disappointed in myself,” Basharat said.

“But today I feel like I hit him with everything. The guy was just tough I’ve got to give him mad respect to Trevin Jones. He came to fight today. He just came up short and I made him look easier than it was but he was tough man. He was in that fight the whole time and I almost had him out of there every single round.”

Basharat had requested to walk out with the flag of Afghanistan where he is from originally. His request, however, was denied by the UFC and he was not given a reason as to why.

“I hope (it changes soon) I really do hope because even looking at my, here (points to his jacket where a flag would normally be) this logo it says ‘AFG’ on it but there’s no flag. And this was a big dream of mine just having a flag there. I’m the only one on the planet with ‘Basharat’ on my name, on my (fight) kit. There’s only one of these made, you know? And I really wanted the flag on there. That’s how I envisioned it all the time, but it’s a shame. Hopefully we can get that fixed and get the flag on,” said Basharat.

As for what’s next for the UFC debutant it’s pretty simple. He just wants to fight.

“Man they kind of froze me out. I wanted to fight after Contender Series. That’s why I stayed in Vegas for 6 months. I was just lurking around trying to get a fight. They offered me London, March. But that London card looked like it was like cursed or something because it got scrapped four times. I can’t afford to not fight before Ramadan, Ramadan’s in April. So I have to take time off for Ramadan I’m not going to be competing, but I want to get cracking straight after Ramadan. Let’s do this.”

Watch the full UFC Vegas 50 post-fight media scrum with Javid Basharat above.


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