UFC 272: Maryna Moroz Sends Powerful Message Home: “Stay Strong”

Las Vegas, NV – It’s been an emotional few weeks for UFC flyweight Maryna Moroz as she prepared for her bout against Mariya Agapova at UFC 272 on Saturday night, but she used all of it as fuel to earn herself a victory in the octagon.

Moroz (11-3) defeated Agapova (10-3) via submission in the second round of their prelim bout. For Moroz however her mind was many miles away in her native Ukraine as her country continues to defend itself from invasion against Russia. The pressure was definitely felt by the 30-year-old fighter.

“Yeah I had a lot of pressure. I nervous all when start war in Ukraine. All this week I feel nervous and cried. I tried to focus many people did not realize but it was really hard for me. I see in Ukraine how terrible the situation is, but I did it. I focused and I win fight,” Moroz told the media in her post-fight scrum.

In her post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, Moroz explained that she was afraid for her family back in Ukraine and for their safety. Reports out of the region state that the Russian attack has had civilian casualties.

“It’s hard. I’m nervous about my mother I don’t want Russian people come and kill my family. Many of my friends died right now. Many call me ‘He died’. Russian army killed (him). I feel terrible. Everyday I feel somebody come and kill my family, I don’t want,” Moroz said.

“I want people listen. Stop this because I want to save my family.”

Ukraine boasts many professional athletes, a lot of them professional fighters, who have returned to their homeland to take up arms and fight for their country. Moroz gave those fighters respect in her post-fight scrum.

“I cannot go back because visa. If I move I need to take visa so I need to stay in America. I see many, Klitschko, Usyk, Lomachenko and everybody to protection. It’s amazing guys really strong. Not in ring. Outside strong. All the respect for these guys.”

Moroz sent a powerful message home that she hopes resonates with her people and those of the world.

“I want to say guys stay strong. I hope this war finish. I believe it. I love my country. It’s beautiful country people (are) kind. Look how people right now together. Many people back and try to support and protection country because really good country. Nice beautiful everything. Very good delicious food. I so miss,” Moroz said seemingly fighting back emotions.

Watch the full UFC 272 post-fight press scrum with Maryna Moroz above. More coverage from the event can be found below.