UFC 271: Bobby Green Took Haqparast Trash Talk ‘Real Personal’


Houston, TX – Talking trash during an MMA fight is a part of fighting that fans and fighters alike embrace and can be used to lift the profile of any fight. You just have to be careful who you talk trash to.

UFC lightweight Bobby Green went into his UFC 271 bout against Nasrat Haqparast on Saturday night with the mindset to just go in and fight. Then Haqparast began to talk.

“Man I was doing a lot of talking huh? I know, because he was getting under my skin! He was like, and he was coming with this energy! And then he said he saw fear in my eyes! And that pissed me off! I’m like, ‘Oh yeah? Wassup?!’ He brought that hood out of me bro, I’m sorry. I wasn’t supposed to say sh*t, but then he was like, he was saying sh*t to me that hit me deep in the heart. Like, fear? I’m like ‘Ain’t no f*cking fear in me, homie! You must not know!’ My coach is like, ‘Calm down, calm down, he’s trying to get you, he’s trying to get you!’ Nah! No! Forget that chair I don’t need that chair, I’m walking! I was hot, I just took it personal,” Green told the media at his post-fight scrum.

“He said I wasn’t as good as (Giga) Chikadze. So I took it real personal.”

Green (29-12) defeated Haqparast (13-5) via decision making it two wins in a row for the California native.

From the walkout all the way through the fight the Houston crowd cheered in support of Green.

“That’s f*cking nuts. I just felt like maybe I’m getting a little bit of the respect or people are starting to understand me more. Understand what I’m doing. When I was first coming in people would tell me shut the f*ck up, telling me I talk too much, telling me I’m too cocky, and I think they’re finally starting to understand that I’m not that person. I’m just here to put a show on, I’m here to get the crowd alive and they was live. Don’t nobody had the reaction to them like that.”

As for what Green wants next? Well, more green.

“What do I want moving forward…a whole lot of money. I don’t care about the rankings and all that stuff. I was ranked #6 before in the world. You’ll be ranked today and you’ll be out tomorrow. Who cares about the rankings? What I care about is that check, and making sure that my family is straight. That’s all that matters put whoever you want to put in front of me. Just make sure it’s exciting, make sure that we’re going to get the crowd going, we can get them into it.”