Blind Reacting to Five MMA Prospects Vol. 3


Bantamweight, Mohammed Walid (6-0)


  • Good leg kicks
  • Uses hard feints
  • Good movement
  • Submission threat
  • Good grappling


  • Questionable TDD

Kurdistan born and living in Rome, Italy, Walid could be someone to watch for. It should be said the footage on Walid is limited because promotions like GMC fail over and over to get their fights uploaded. Then again, there is enough out there to get somewhat of a read on Walid.

When watching Walid, he’s a striker/kicker first but his record suggests the opposite. Of six victories four of those come by submission. His takedown defense may be a concern as he’s been taken down easily before. With that said, Walid can make you pay when shooting as he has a dangerous guillotine. Walid will sprawl too and take the back to snatch the neck.

Arguably his best weapon is his relentless leg kicks. Walid will throw leg kicks over and over chopping his opponents down. He can sit in the pocket too long and that’s when he gets hit. He does have good movement though when he is setting up his attacks. Walid throws a lot of hard feints to set up his hands. It’s his legs he does the most talking with though. He can just throw basic leg kicks but is also diverse with his legs.

Ultimately, I’m not sure of his ceiling. He’s beating questionable opposition but at least opponents with much more experience than him. Half his fights are missing in terms of available footage which doesn’t help to get a good read on him. I do like his style but not sure if he’s at a high level.


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