UFC 271: Andrei Arlovski Says He Looks Like Benjamin Button

Houston, TX – When you’ve been in the game for as long as former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski has you end up fighting guys who came into the sport looking up to you. Such is the case as Arlovski takes on Jared Vanderaa at UFC 271 on Saturday night.

Vanderaa had previously said that he was a fan of Arlovski.

“That’s why he wants to fight me? I don’t know for me he’s like young, hungry, angry probably, big, heavy. He’s another heavyweight like me in the line for bigger fights so I’m really excited about this fight as well,” Arlovski said at media day on Wednesday.

Arlovski (32-20) first came into the UFC in 2000 at UFC 28 where he defeated Aaron Brink via submission. Fast forward to UFC 271 and Arlovski has a lifetime of memories to show.

“So first off it’s like compliment for me because I do look like Benjamin Button. Maybe he thinks I’m old. I’m older than him like 14 years older than him. I still have gas in tank, but trust me at age 43 I workout train more than when I was 20 so I’m very excited. I’m doing what I love to do and my family let me do what I love to do. I love fighting and even more I love training even hard and I’m very excited about this fight.”

Arlovski wasn’t familiar with Vanderaa when he signed to fight him, but he said he doesn’t pick and choose his opponents.

“It doesn’t matter do I like or not (the matchup). I never picked any of my opponents so UFC gave me him I’m very excited. For me it’s more important at this point to stay busy and fight as much as possible so I’m good.”

Watch the full UFC 271 media day press scrum with Andrei Arlovski above. More coverage from the event can be found below.