RIZIN TRIGGER 2nd, Landmark Vol. 2 Both Have Fights Announced

Akira Okada RIZIN
Akira Okada, RIZIN 31 Credit: RIZIN FF

Japan’s RIZIN FF has officially announced several bouts for two upcoming events.

RIZIN TRIGGER 2nd, which takes place on February 23, 2022, has had five MMA fights and three kickboxing bouts added to its card. In addition, RIZIN Landmark Vol. 2 on March 6 has had three fights revealed.

Among the additions to the February TRIGGER 2nd card, Akira Okada (16-8-4) will make his second appearance under the RIZIN banner when he faces Takumi Suzuki (10-6), who will be making his promotional debut. The lightweight match-up sees Okada, a Shooto and Pancrase vet, looking to build on a three-fight win streak.

The newly set MMA match-ups for RIZIN TRIGGER 2nd are:

  • Akira Okada (16-8-4, 1-0 RIZIN FF) vs Takumi Suzuki (10-6, 0-0 RIZIN FF)
  • Katsushi Kojima (12-5-1, 0-0 RIZIN FF) vs Kouki Nakagawa (7-2, 0-0 RIZIN FF)
  • Kohei Tokeshi (6-8, 0-1 RIZIN FF) vs Harry Stallone (2-4, 0-0 RIZIN FF)
  • Daisuke Endo (18-12-2, 0-0 RIZIN FF) vs Hikaru Yoshino (10-2, 0-0 RIZIN FF)
  • Takuma Uchiyama (2-3, 0-0 RIZIN FF) vs Kotetsu Hara (2-1, 0-0 RIZIN FF)

The card, which takes place in Shizuoka, Japan, will be headlined by a featherweight contest between former KSW featherweight champ Kleber Koike, and ex-UFC fighter Ulka Sasaki.

RIZIN Landmark Vol. 2 saw three bouts added Thursday, including its main event. That fight will see Pancrase flyweight tournament winner Chihiro Suzuki face off against Ren Hiramoto. The card will also see the return of Shoot Boxing standout Hiroaki Suzuki.

The match-ups attached to the card to date are:

  • Chihiro Suzuki (6-3, 1-1 RIZIN FF) vs Ren Hiramoto (0-1, 0-1 RIZIN FF)
  • Uoi Fullswing (23-10-5, 2-1 RIZIN FF) vs Kuya Ito (10-8-1, 0-1 RIZIN FF)
  • Shoji Maruyama (19-15-1, 1-2 RIZIN FF) vs Hiroaki Suzuki (1-1, 1-1 RIZIN FF)

Per a press release quoting RIZIN CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara, it has yet to be determined whether the Landmark Vol. 2 event will be held using a cage or ring. That’s due to venue size, with the promotion still working to see if their cage can be adjusted to suit the facility.

RIZIN Landmark Vol. 2 is listed as being held at a “Discreet Location,” and can only be watched via a live stream.


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