Weekly MMA Prospect Report: Ares FC, Lookin’ For a Fight and More

Josh Fremd LFA
Josh Fremd, LFA 108 Credit: Legacy Fighting Alliance

Ares FC returns to action Thursday, while Dana White’s Lookin’ for a Fight is in Kansas City this weekend. Here’s a look at some MMA prospects to keep an eye on in the next few days.

Ares FC 3 | France | Thursday

Welterweight, Abdoul Abdouraguimov (13-1)

Russian-born Abdouraguimov had a background in freestyle wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu before switching over to MMA. His wrestling is decent, but Abdouraguimov could use his setups better. However, he does close the distance fairly well and is willing to take risks getting the fight to the mat because he scrambles so well. On the mat, Abdouraguimov does excellent work with grappling, but on the feet, he is unpredictable and just needs to be more technical. He fights Godofredo Pepey (14-6).

Light-heavyweight, Oumar Sy (6-0) 

Not entirely sold on Sy but there is room for growth. Not a great wrestler but he stays aggressive and relentless on the legs. Once he does get the takedown his ground and pound is very sound. Sy has a good rear-naked choke as well. He’s a big guy so he’s hard to get out from underneath. Sy fights Paulin Begai (2-0).

Welterweight, Alibeg Rasulov (11-0)

He’s not the striker you look for in an up-and-coming welterweight but he has a superb ground game. Not a ground game that consists of riding out position, but instead someone that constantly works to finish. Rasulov is someone that I like coming up because step-by-step he knows exactly what to do and makes all the right decisions. He fights Juan Manuel Suarez (25-9).

LFA 123 | US | Friday

Bantamweight, Daniel Argueta (6-0)

Argueta is mostly known for his time on The Ultimate Fighter Season 29. He lost in the first round but to the eventual winner Ricky Turcios.  After wrestling in high school Argueta went on to wrestle Division II for the University of Wisconsin. Argueta’s constant forward pressure, his wrestling, and jiu-jitsu is going to give a lot of guys problems. Even though he does tire as the fight goes on, Argueta never stops coming forward, making it an ugly fight at the very least. He fights Mairon Santos (12-0).

Bantamweight, Mairon Santos (12-0)

Santos is such a big threat on the feet. He has the speed, the explosiveness, the decision-making, and the power just to list a few of what he brings to the table. If his superb striking/kickboxing isn’t enough he’s an intelligent wrestler as well. Santos can fight all three rounds of kickboxing or wrestling but in the end, he usually mixes it up. Watch out for this kid because he’s the real deal. He fights Daniel Argueta (6-0).

Total Warrior Combat | US | Saturday

Bantamweight, Mando Gutierrez (6-1)

Gutierrez is impressive with his aggressiveness and the pace he’s able to put on. On the feet, he’s usually bull-rushing forward but he does have some kicks in his arsenal. He’s usually striking/kicking to close the distance to get the takedown. Mando wants the fight on the mat to show his slick jiu-jitsu. Even off his back, Gutierrez is very dangerous with fluid hips helping him attack submissions and scramble. He has a smooth back take and has a knack for finishing with a choke. Mando is a big submission threat and seems to have good cardio which is surprising with the amount of pressure he puts on early. He fights Matthew Elliott (4-1).

FAC 12 | US | Sunday

Featherweight, Isaac Dulgarian (4-0)

Undefeated as a pro, 4-0 as an amateur, and an NCAA Division II wrestler, Dulgarian has looked great. It’s been rinse and repeat for Dulgarian getting the takedown, moving into the mount or back and finishing the fight. He wastes no time imposing his style. Dulgarian has smashing ground and pound and really glides on top with his grappling. Some answers need to come but with how he’s looked the ceiling is high. He fights TeeJay Britton (7-2).

Lightweight, Marshal Kemp (4-0)

Kemp is a promising prospect training out Glory MMA. On the feet, he fights long with a lot of long jabs and teep kicks. He mixes it all together maintaining distance control. Kemp sets up combinations and uses setups to get takedowns. He has some slick jiu-jitsu easily taking the back. He can attack submission to submission but snatching the neck is where he stands out. Kemp fights Ken Beverly (10-6).

Middleweight, Josh Fremd (8-2)

Fremd throws good output with tons of leg kicks and looping hooks in combinations. He’s also a strong wrestler and is a threat with chokes and ground and pound. He thrives in scrambles and is a fast big man. He has a good flow to his output and overall is someone to keep an eye on. He fights Joel Bauman (4-1).