MMA Prospect Profile: “The Mad Queen” Ewelina Wozniak

Ewelina Wozniak Credit: Brave CF

Poland’s Ewelina Wozniak started her MMA journey in early 2015. She fought as an amateur for nearly four years and boasted a 7-2 record during that run. Her two losses came in fights against the same girl, Aleksandra Rola, resulting in two decision losses. Since Wozniak lost to Rola the second time, she hasn’t lost since. She ended her amateur career winning her last six fights.

Wozniak made her pro debut in May of 2018. Right now the strawweight sits comfortably with a 6-0 record. She has four finishes — two by KO/TKO and two by submission. Wozniak last made her debut for Brave CF and prior to that fought for Oktagon twice. In her third pro fight, she won the Contender Norwich championship going five rounds.

Billed more as a kickboxer Wozniak can do it all. If you watch her fights as an amateur you saw just another fighter on the regional scene. It looked like the talent was there but she had very little technique. It wasn’t until she turned pro that she started to vastly improve. Still wild at times with other few deficiencies, she’s got way more going for her these days.

Wozniak has real knockout power in her hands. You saw it in her fight with Anita Bekus, flatlining her with a clean one-two. A left jab to the body to a right hand is the one-two and a combination she likes to throw. Not just power in her hands but in her legs and knees as well. Even physically strong seeing her just throw girls onto the canvas. From a distance, you’re letting her pick you apart with her kickboxing and her improved hands. You have to close the distance on her to find more success but her clinch work is deadly. Elbow and knees she’ll throw a ton.

For more of a refined striker/kickboxer, Wozniak’s grappling is up to par. Off her back, she’s got a good guard. Wozniak even has a sub from a triangle she locked in and finished with off her back. A lot of the times she gets takedowns are when her opponents initiate the takedown attempt. Wozniak does have credible wrestling but the technique isn’t there yet. While on top her top position is usually locked down. Wozniak has a good understanding of position control and is good at transitioning to the back.

Wozniak has out-struck other good strikers, dominated grapplers, and out-grappled a jiu-jitsu champion. Throwing too wide and leaving her chin open are a concern. She’s been hit a few times but has just walked through everything so far. The biggest weakness of Wozniak would be her takedown defense. It’s not hard for her to stuff the initial shot but the chain wrestling is what she has problems with. Wozniak has never been held on her back for a significant amount of time. She’s always moving looking for submissions or to get to her feet.

Her defensive holes aren’t anything too big to clog up. Wozniak is at the age where she’s at her prime but still improving her skills. There are a slew of prospects in her division but Wozniak is towards the top. She has proven enough to land a bigger opportunity and that could find her making her UFC debut later this year.


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