UFC 270’s Brandon Moreno On His Loss: “It’s Life. This Is Life.”


Anaheim, CA – Even though he lost his title in a somewhat controversial decision former UFC flyweight champion Brandon Moreno continued to keep the positive attitude when it comes to his fight career.

“It’s a weird feeling because it’s the first time in my life when I lost a decision, but I felt like I won. I remember my last two losses against (Alexandre) Pantoja or against (Sergio) Pettis. I knew it that moment I lost. I was like, ‘Ok this feels like sh*t’ but I understand I lost, right? But this time I felt like I won,” Moreno told the media at his post-fight media scrum.

For Moreno (19-6) this marks his first loss since 2018 and it sets the record against now flyweight champion Deiveson Figueiredo at 1-1-1.

“It is what it is because it was a really hard fight. He had his own moments too and I need to recognize that. I don’t want to be that kind of guy who starts to put excuses. I felt like Deiveson did an amazing job with a better game plan. So I just want to go to the gym and spend time with my family and watch the fight again and be back stronger.”

Since moving to Arizona to train with former UFC champion Henry Cejudo, someone who had brought Moreno in to his training camps in the past, the talk leading up to the fight was the familiarity that Cejudo had with Moreno. It also brought in some of the heat in the fight between Moreno and Cejudo’s camp.

Even then Moreno did speak with Figueiredo’s team….sort of.

“I just tried to be a gentleman with the team. And go and ‘Hey man congrats’ to the coaches. That guy Eric (Albarracin) ehhh no man you don’t have my respect. But with Henry I don’t have any problems. Like ‘Hey thank you, good fight for everybody’ and that’s it.”

Albarracin is a coach within Cejudo’s team that Moreno seems to take issue with.

“I don’t like drama in my life so you can do your investigation. Just…he did some things in my life that I don’t respect. Again, with Henry with all the team, the Brazilian coaches I don’t have any problem. I went there and shook hands and ‘Hey good job guys’.”

In the lead up to the fight, specially in the pre-fight press conference, Figueiredo and his team attempted to play mind games with the former champion.

“I felt like my mind was in a good place. Just was him doing a really good job with his game plan. The guys who are fighting against me they need to understand I don’t care if they try to do something against my mind. I don’t care man. At that point, I’m very strong in that part of my game.”

With so much support for Moreno leading up to the fight and specially during the event many fans may feel some type of way about the result. Moreno had a message for them.

“It’s life. This is the life. Right now I’m just trying be very positive and I’m trying to put my face with you guys, but definitely hurts. It hurts too much. I wanted to put the victory for my family for my teammates, for Mexico, for my fans. But this is life and it is what it is, I lost. Sometimes you lose, man. I lost before and I’m alive and I’m here. I just try to feel the taste of the loss and go back to the gym.”

Watch the full UFC 270 post-fight press conference with Brandon Moreno above. More coverage from the event can be found below.


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