UFC: Sean Strickland Says He Regrets Not Hitting Actor Aaron Eckhart On Set

Sean Strickland, UFC Vegas 33
Sean Strickland, UFC Vegas 33 post-fight Credit: Alex Behunin/Cageside Press

Sean Strickland says he regrets not hitting an actor while on set.

The storm of controversy surrounding Strickland continues. On Sunday, the No. 7 ranked middleweight tweeted out that he once worked as a stuntman earlier in his career. While he was on set, he came to the realization that many actors are, as he put it, “c*nts.”

“Just seen the @AlecBaldwln interview. I was really poor once and played as a stunt man for a movie, and I can tell you 90 percent of actors are c*nts. They make a living pretending to be someone with value and you all worship them for it. Idiots,” Strickland wrote.

Strickland said that the movie he was the stuntman for was Bleed For This. The movie is based on the life of former world champion boxer Vinny Pazienza. Miles Teller portrays the boxer, and Aaron Eckhart plays his trainer Kevin Rooney.

When a user on Twitter asked Strickland about the film, Strickland gave his opinion on the two leads.

“Bleed for this. Miles Teller was cool, but the guy who played Two Face in batman, to this day I regret not hitting him… but I was poor lol,” Strickland wrote.

Strickland didn’t name Eckhart, but with Eckhart playing Two-Face in The Dark Knight (2008), it’s obvious who he was referring to. His regret over not hitting Eckhart would seem to imply he was most likely hard to deal with onset. Strickland also implied the only reason he didn’t hit him was that he was poor and couldn’t afford to get fired.

With Bleed For This beginning production in late 2014, Strickland was only two fights into his UFC career.

Strickland is scheduled to return to action on February 5 against Jack Hermansson in his second straight main event.