Triad Combat Coach Rampage Jackson on Team MMA: “We Find Ways to Win”

Shannon Briggs and Rampage Jackson
Shannon Briggs and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson exchange words at the Triad Combat press conference. November 24, 2021 Photo: Amanda Westcott/Triller

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson will be taking part in Triller FC’s inaugural Triad Combat card this weekend, though not as a fighter.

Rather, Rampage will be the coach of Team MMA, as a roster of mixed martial artists take on Team Boxing, led by Shannon Briggs, in a hybrid of the two sports. The two coaches went head-to-head in a virtual press conference earlier this week, with Jackson giving his take on why Team MMA will be successful.

“I think team MMA will be more victorious because we’re more versatile,” Jackson told members of the media. “Boxers, all they do is throw punches. That’s all they know how to do. But MMA, we know how to do a whole lot of other stuff. We find ways to win.”

Much of the press appearance saw the two boisterous personalities overshadow Triad Combat itself however. Instead, there was plenty of jawing about a potential fight between the two.

“He’s just talking. That’s all he’s good at. I’m going to start calling Shannon the ‘Meme Queen.’ That’s all he’s good at is talking. Talk is cheap. Talk is cheap,” a fired up Jackson stated. “I want to put my fist in his mouth to shut him up. And when I beat Shannon, please sign a contract Shannon, and say if I beat you in boxing, you can’t say ‘let’s go champ!’ no more. We’re all tired of hearing that, for real.”

When Briggs asked what he’d get should he beat Jackson in MMA, Rampage retorted “if you beat me in MMA, name your price.”

The 43-year old Jackson (38-14 MMA) has not fought since his 2019 loss to Fedor Emelianenko. Briggs (60-6-1, 1NC) last competed in 2016, when he knocked out Emilio Zarate. Although he has never competed in MMA, Briggs does have a win in kickboxing dating back to a 2004 K-1 appearance.

Briggs got his own response in after Jackson repeatedly told him that he talked too much. “Yeah I talk a lot, because I back it up. Ain’t a wrestler, a wrassler in the world that can beat me. Ain’t one. Ain’t a wrassler that ever lived that can beat me.”