Rampage Jackson vs. Shannon Briggs Promoters on How Fight Came Together

Rampage Jackson
Rampage Jackson Credit: Bellator MMA

Rampage Jackson vs Shannon Briggs goes down on June 8 in Qatar inside a boxing ring. The Rampage vs Shannon Briggs promoters Suleyman D. Khan (SDK) and Hossama Khan are both with QSM World and are getting into live event promotion now.

This fight has been years in the making. It was teased by Triller as Jackson and Briggs coached team MMA and team boxing, respectively, during the Triad Combat event. Nothing came to fruition then but it finally goes down this Summer.

A broader sense of a schedule in Qatar is there for the burgeoning promoters. Events are tentatively targeted for August/ September and then also November/ December. Plus, it’s not just boxing they want to promote. But SDK and Hossama also mentioned desires to promote mixed martial arts this calendar year.

Brian Rose will also be vying for gold on this card. This is against Apichit Pimsen as the IBA Intercontinental Super Middleweight title is on the line. This card is continually taking shape beyond the anticipated main event.

The themes of team boxing vs team MMA are strong here as the event grows. Even with the promoters, SDK is ardently team MMA and Hossama is unabashedly team boxing as are Rampage and Briggs, respectively.

Rampage vs Shannon Briggs Promoters

The broader team around the event that the promoters wanted to give credit to includes Nahla the event manager, Keith & Kim from Fite TV, Stephen from IBA, Cosmin from PlatinumList.NET, Saf from Apex.

When asked if there was a certain level of excitement getting to finally be the one promoting this fight that so many have talked about for years now, SDK told us that “Yes of course and I think one of the selling points for us was also the chemistry between both fighters. Rampage and Champ (Briggs) is unbelievable on the screen and off the screen also the chemistry is phenomenal. I think that both have been very professional boxers. I’ve dealt with some boxers in the past as well and combat sports, I think I’ve never worked with anybody who is this professional and this easy to work with.”

“Because you know how the boxers are and stuff but think that both have been being very professional and being very easy to work with. So of course I think this chemistry which has been, I think three or four years been going on, and you know the very famous (laughs) Shannon memes has been as we know, has been the talk of the town.”

“Of course, I think that was one of the mega-selling points for us. Because I think this fight has been in talks, the fans wanted to see this fight, and I think we’re just trying to make it happen.”

Quinton Jackson vs Shannon Briggs

When asked if he had a final parting thought to end our chat, Hossama Khan added “I would just say two things, you know. Once again a big thank you to my team for taking all my tantrums and always supporting me in all those conditions. So that is one thing that I really want to say. Secondly, to wrap this up, I would say, you know, I hope that fans get the time to watch this exciting event and it’ll be an amazing event.”

“I want you to come because when Team Boxing wins, I want; when an ambulance is picking up Rampage to take him to the hospital, I want my champ Shannon Briggs to give a live interview from the ring. So an exciting time for Team Boxing.”