LFA 118 Roundup: Winning Fighters Give Their Take

LFA 118 Javier Garcia
LFA 118's Javier Garcia and Ryan Fillingame Credit: LFA

LFA 118 turned out to be a seven-fight card following the loss of its main event on Friday. The Burbank, California show was supposed to be headlined by a strawweight title fight between Loveth Young and Jaqueline Amorim, but at the last minute, the athletic commission would not sanction the fight.

That left Askar Askar in an impromptu main event with Leandro Gomes. Askar had flirted with the UFC earlier this year, and picked up a decision win in the fight.

Cageside Press was back stage at the Los Angeles-Burbank Marriott Convention Center on Friday — and we caught up with several of the night’s big winners.

Javier Garcia

Featherweight Javier Garcia improved to 8-4 with a decision win over Ryan Fillingame at LFA 118. After the win, he predicted he’ll be UFC bound, but if it takes one more fight, he wants it to be for the title.

“In the past, I’ve been patient, trying to pick my strikes, watch, and the plan for this one was to just come out here and push forward, dominate, and don’t let him breathe. And try to make him quit. Unfortunately I didn’t get the finish which I’m a little bit upset about, I thought I could have, but a couple little adjustments and we’re going to be back.”

“If I gotta beat one more guy in LFA before I make it to the UFC, then lets make it for the title. Let’s do it next year, maybe February or March. I want to check out a new state, maybe like Chicago [Illinois], maybe Florida, I’ve never been there, then after that I’m going straight into the UFC, and I’m going to dominate. I promise you that.”

Jena Bishop

Flyweight Bishop improved to 2-0 at LFA 118. She’s a longtime veteran of the grappling scene, who long ago lost track of the number of grappling contests she’s been a part of.

“I don’t know how many I’ve had, I’ve lost count. I’ve been doing jiu-jitsu for 14 years, so I can’t say. I’ve been competing that whole time, so yes, a lot of grappling matches.”

What’s next?

“I definitely want to stay busy. I was supposed to fight in February, I was having a hard time, nobody was taking fights. I fought three weeks ago, then this fight they asked me to fill in because her opponent dropped out, and I’m like ‘yeah, I want fights.’ My goal was to have at least three fights this year. If I can get two, I’m happy about that. I don’t think I’m fighting in December. Just take that month off then be back in there as soon as I can.”

Taylor Mauldin

Taylor Mauldin improved to 2-0 in her flyweight fight against Nadine Mandiau at LFA 118, avoiding an arm-bar attack or two in the process.

“The first minute we did some striking, but it was every round— takedown, takedown, takedown. Definitely wanted those takedowns.”

On surviving her opponent’s submission attempts: “I didn’t feel it was close at all. I knew what I was doing with the jiu-jitsu, so felt pretty confident in that.”

On her own arm-bar attempt later in the fight: “I was definitely trying to get her back, wanted to get even-stevens you know? Definitely wanted to get that back.”

Joseph Dorado

Bantamweight Joseph Dorado climbed to 3-0 at LFA 118, submitting Corvan Allen. He had to deal with a couple of injuries in the process.

“Right from the beginning I threw a kick to the calf, messed up my leg a little bit. So I was trying to shake that off. But then I threw a body hook and my shoulder kind of gave me some problems. So I already had some stuff on my mind, so my head was a little flustered, I couldn’t really listen to my coach. I know he was getting a little frustrated.”

He might need some time to heal up, but Dorado is ready to come back. “If they need somebody, I’m going to be in even better shape for next time.”