UFC 268 Results: Shane Burgos Wins Decision Against Gutsy Billy Quarantillo

Shane Burgos and Billy Quarantillo, UFC 268
Shane Burgos and Billy Quarantillo, UFC 268 ceremonial weigh-in Credit: Gabriel Gonzalez/Cageside Press

Shane Burgos and Billy Quarantillo represented the Battle of New York at UFC 268.

With the show hosted at the legendary Madison Square Garden, Burgos represented the Bronx, while Quarantillo hailed from Ransomeville, New York. Leaving it a toss up as to who the fans would be cheering for.

The featherweight pair entered the night on opposite trajectories, Burgos coming off a pair of losses, and Quarantillo looking to build on a win over Gabriel Benitez. But it was “Hurricane” Shane who had turned things around by the end of the fight.

To open the action, Billy Q landed a couple of right hands over the top. As they settled in, Quarantillo worked his jab, and Burgos landed a counter right. Burgos then took the fight to the fence, pressing his opponent into it. Burgos worked in foot stomps and knees; Quarantillo fired a knee back before they broke.

Back at center, Burgos got his hands going, but Quarantillo would answer his technical attacks with volume. Billy then drove Burgos back against the fence, only to be reversed. A right hand hurt Quarantillo; Burgos couldn’t capitalize, but stayed on him.

In the second, Quarantillo went on the offensive, even throwing a spinning back fist in the opening minute. Burgos would tie things up as the round wore on, keeping Quarantillo against the fence for a time. There was still three minutes to work as they moved back to center; a clinch there led to Burgos putting Quarantillo on the fence yet again. And yet again, he couldn’t keep him there long. While Burgos was soon showing some damage, it was him letting loose late in the frame. Burgos began connecting over and over, hitting home with body shots, his right hand, and the kitchen sink.

Round three continued to be a highly exciting affair. As hurt as Quarantillo had been at the end of the second, he gutted it out, and the pair both had their moments in the final frame. By the final minutes, Quarantillo attacked a leg, locked on with a clinch, sat in the pocket and traded, and showed plenty of heart. Burgos, however, still had that crisp striking in his favor, bloodied or not.

The only downside to Burgos vs. Quarantillo? It had the unfortunate distinction of following Gaethje vs. Chandler. Burgos still walked away with a unanimous decision win, while Quarantillo displayed ample heart.

Official Result: Shane Burgos def. Billy Quarantillo by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)