UFC 268 Standout Chris Barnett: “I Felt Like Jordan”

New York, NY — In recent memory, UFC heavyweights have been turning in some rather underwhelming fights. Then in comes Chris Barnett, who spoiled Gian Villante’s MMA retirement bout with a KO win at UFC 268 inside Madison Square Garden on Saturday night.

The significance of the setting was not lost on Barnett, who improved to 22-7 with a spinning wheel kick KO that many half his size couldn’t execute. Even more impressive, he did it in enemy territory, with Villante hailing from nearby Long Island.

“That right there, Madison Square Garden, I knew I had to come with something. I had to come with something man, then UFC, MSG, CJB,” Barnett said pointing to himself at the end.

“It’s that aura when you walk into here. That feeling you get, you know what I mean. Not to take a jab at the Knicks or anything but I felt like [Michael] Jordan. When I came in here and I knew I had to do my thing in MSG. I thought I was going to be the enemy coming in but I got a lot of pop from here. They must have known that this was the first country I actually touched when I came from overseas.”

The UFC heavyweight walked into the arena for his fight dancing and happy as can be. If he was nervous he definitely didn’t show it.

“I got a good poker face, I’ll say. I’ve got a really good poker face. I’ve always lived by ‘Live, Love, Laugh’. Life it too short not to be happy. No matter where you are you can find something. If you can’t find something to make you happy, I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe just look at me, you know? If all else fails *smiles big*. I’ll smile for you. Life’s too short to be angry.”

After the highlight KO of Villante is Barnett set for a bonus?

“Man, don’t get me excited over here now. I mean, I would love it!”

Watch the entire post-fight media scrum with Chris Barnett above and keep it here for more coverage from UFC 268