Triller Announces Triad Combat Card Featuring MMA vs. Boxing, Metallica

Frank Mir
Frank Mir Credit: Bellator MMA

Triller Fight Club has seemingly thrown in the towel on pure boxing, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of combat sports.

Triller has been known for creating the outrageous in a sport where outrageous thrives. Since they began holding boxing events in 2020, they’ve had massive stars such as Mike Tyson, Roy Jones, Jake Paul, and others appear under their Triller Fight Club banner. However after intense criticism of the most recent event, in which 58-year-old Evander Holyfield was steamrolled by ex-UFC champ Vitor Belfort, they’re seemingly out of the boxing business.

However, they are not going to be leaving combat sports at all. The organization recently announced that they are going to be creating a new sport as it attempts to combine boxing and MMA, in what they’re calling “Triad Combat.”

In a press release, Triller co-founder Ryan Kavanaugh stated that the reason behind the sport’s new creation is to take advantage of what he thinks is a dying sport in MMA. Saying: “The UFC is an old sport now. The kids aren’t watching it. The UFC isn’t giving the 18 to 27-year-olds what they want to see. So we’re hopefully bringing something forward that they do want to see.”

The fights will feature gloves in between the size of a boxing and MMA glove and will have fighters face off in a small triangle-sized ring. Hence the name.

The first event has already been set for November 27 in Texas, and it already has some big names attached. Triller has announced that former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir, former boxing title challenger Kubrat Pulev, and current BKFC star Mike Perry will all be featured in separate bouts across the card.

To add to the madness, Triller which notably tries to have musical acts mixed in with their fighting cards, revealed that Metallica will be playing at the first Triad Combat show.