Bellator 270: Patchy Mix Says James Gallagher’s “Tailor-Made” Competition Has Been “Soft”

Patchy Mix says he’s tuned out the trash talk from James Gallagher ahead of their showdown this Friday in the co-main event of Bellator 270.

That said, Mix (14-1) is well aware of his opponent’s capabilities. Both fighters have just a single, solitary loss on their professional record. In Mix’s case, that’s in addition to a lengthy, undefeated amateur run as well.

Both are also known for their skills on the ground, and Cageside Press asked Mix how he felt Gallagher’s ground game compared to his own during Wednesday’s Bellator 270 media day.

“James does have a good ground game, and I would be naive to look past that. I trained for his ground game,” Mix admitted. “But his ground game is nowhere near my level. The only way that his ground game could be is if I slept on it, and I didn’t think that he’s as good as he actually is. It’s not that he’s not good, it’s just that I’m levels ahead of him. So that’s why I feel like there’s going to be a disparity on the ground.”

A lot of people talk about Gallagher’s ground game, Mix added, “but they don’t talk about his level of competition. All of his guys that he’s ever fought, if you look at every single person including the loss that he has, every single person has multiple losses. Anywhere from three to seven plus losses. Every single opponent he’s ever had. He’s never fought a guy like me. I’ve fought 26 times and the only time I’ve ever lost was a close decision to the ex-world champion.” Aside from that loss to Juan Archuleta, noted Mix, he’s never really dropped any rounds. “James’ level of competition has been soft. It’s easy to submit those types of guys. If was in the same position, I’d submit everybody that he did, but I’d have done it faster. So his level of competition, it’s just been soft. It’s been tailor-made for his career.”

The level of competition wasn’t the only area Mix took his opponent to task on during Wednesday’s media day. Another was Gallagher pulling out of their fight’s original date back in May. Media reports have cited injury, but Mix doesn’t buy that.

“There’s no injury. If you look online, it’s ‘undisclosed reasons’ why he pulled out. There’s no injury. There’s no proof of injury. I don’t like that that’s being said,” Mix stated. Mix believes that if Gallagher had really been injured, the specifics of it would have been reported online. Not “undisclosed reasons.”

“His personal reasons held him back from fighting me May 7th, and now we’re here right now. So November 5th, this fight’s happening, unless he doesn’t show,” exclaimed Mix.

Mix appeared to suggest a little gamesmanship on Gallagher’s part, with getting the fight moved to Dublin, Ireland, where it transpires this Friday, as the motivation.

“That’s the reason why I feel like he pulled out. I knew it would be here, and I’ve been prepared for it,” Mix stated. “I don’t care if I fought him behind a schoolyard or in a parking lot. It doesn’t matter where. I could fight him in the gym, anywhere. It does not matter. We’re in Dublin, and after I beat him Friday night, I don’t want to hear no excuses why he got finished.”

Watch the full Bellator 270 media day appearance from Patchy Mix above. More coverage of the event can be found below. Bellator 270 takes place Friday, November 5 at the 3Arena in Dublin, Ireland.