UFC 267 Results: Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos Dominates Benoit Saint-Denis

Elizeu Zaleski dos santos and Benoit Saint Denis, UFC 267
Elizeu Zaleski dos santos and Benoit Saint Denis, UFC 267 face-off Credit: Youtube/UFC

In a very tough match-up for a first UFC fight, especially one that was not on short notice, Benoit Saint-Denis drew Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos for his debut opponent at UFC 267.

Zaleski was 1-2 across his last three fights, but still far from an easy out in the welterweight division.

Both guys came out of the gate trading heavy kicks. Saint-Denis shot in for a takedown and got the double leg against the cage. Zaleski right away worked back to his feet though. Saint-Denis landed a good one-two that gave him the confidence to move forward. He walked right into a big counter right from Zaleski. That made Saint-Denis shoot for a takedown as Zaleski defended well. More heavy kicks from both guys continue in the close of round one. Saint-Denis showed a lot of forwarding movement but the footwork of Zaleski was on point.

Zaleski landed a big counter right hand as they exchanged early in round one. Saint-Denis shook it off and a takedown from Zaleski. Zaleski landed a flying knee right on the button that hurt Saint-Denis bad. The Brazilian went after Saint-Denis throwing a blitz of output. Saint-Denis was fighting back but took another right to the chin. Putting Saint-Denis on skates Zaleski didn’t let up with punishment. Somehow the ref didn’t step in and even more surprising Saint-Denis survived that onslaught. Saint-Denis made is to the bell but took a ton of damage from Zaleski in what could’ve been stopped.

Crazy enough the fight makes it to the third round. A short right hand already wobbled Saint-Denis early in the round. Saint-Denis fell to his back letting Zaleski on top. Saint-Denis never quitting he works his way back to his feet. Saint-Denis was throwing heavy leather at Zaleski but Zaleski tied up the fight. A knee to the groin Zaleski landed on Saint-Denis cause a timeout and a point deduction from Zaleski crazy enough. The fight ends with Zaleski marching forward.

Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos def. Benoit Saint-Denis by unanimous decision (29-26 X3)