PFL Championship 2021: Bruno Cappelozza Leaving Thoughts of a Million Dollars for Thursday

Fort Lauderdale, FL — Brazilian heavyweight Bruno Cappelozza enters his first PFL final on Wednesday against a familiar opponent.

Cappelozza (19-5) is paired up with Croatia’s Ante Delija, who he knocked out in under a minute earlier this year.

There’s a million dollars on the line in their rematch this week, but Cappelozza is trying not to think of the stakes. “I try to think just of the fight itself,” he said during Monday’s PFL 2021 Word Championship media day. “If you start thinking of the money, it becomes a lot bigger of a responsibility. So I’ll leave the money for Thursday onward. For now, I’m just focusing on the fight.”

Despite having a win over Delija in the regular season, Cappelozza refuses to overlook his opponent. “Not for one single second. I know all the potential he has. He’s here for a reason, and this is the fight of my life. I’m treating it that way.”

There’s a good reason for that. Cappelozza noted Monday that “I’ve been away from my family for close to a year now, but I’m chasing my dreams, and I know it’s going to be worth it.”

While Bruno Cappelozza has fought at light heavyweight in the past, there’s apparently no temptation to drop back from now that he’s an established heavyweight. “I like this whole heavyweight thing. There’s no cutting weight, I can eat whatever I want to eat, so I think next year you’ll see me as a heavyweight again.”

Watch the full PFL 2021 World Championship media day appearance from Bruno Cappelozza above. More coverage can be found below. The event takes place this Wednesday, October 27, 2021, in Hollywood, FL.