Weekly MMA Prospect Report: Christian Lee Looks to Continue His Reign

Amin Ayoub Credit: Brave CF

Brave CF 54 | Poland | Saturday

Lightweight, Amin Ayoub (16-4)

French fighter Amin Ayoub already has a good amount of fights under his belt. He hasn’t lost a fight in over two years and he’s currently on an eight-fight win streak. Ayoub is a European kickboxing champion but eight of his MMA wins come by submission. His takedown defense needs a lot of work but at least he does have a dangerous guard. On the feet Ayoub throws good output and mixes his kicks and punches together well. Not sold on him but he has a lot of talent. He fights Ahmed Amir (11-3-1).

Bantamweight, Muhammad Mokaev (4-0-1)

Worldwide, Mokaev is one of the prospects with the most hype. Mokaev had an outstanding amateur career going 23-0 and was a four-time IMMAF gold medallist. The young 20-year-old has looked stellar and frankly dominant. Mokaev has excellent wrestling and is very skilled on the mat. His positional grappling and ground and pound are very good. On the feet, he has a nice flow with his kicks and mixes in strikes and kicks together very well. Mokaev is extremely well-rounded and I see no flaws in him as of yet. He fights Blaine O’Driscoll (9-4).

Welterweight, Mihail Kotruţă (13-1)

Kotruta can do either of two things: bang it out on the feet or take you down and land heavy ground and pound. The sole thing is his hands are a problem but he can wrestle to mix it up. Kotruta has a background in combat sambo as well. He’s good overall and well-rounded, but at times gives up bad positions. He’s someone you don’t want to take lightly especially on the feet where he chucks heavy leather. Kotruta fights Mohamed Grabinski (21-6).

Strawweight, Ewelina Woźniak (5-0)

At only 5-0, Wozniak has still had some solid experience. She had an impressive 7-2 amateur record. As a pro, she hasn’t fought anyone with a losing record. Wozniak is the former Contender Norwich champion going five rounds. Last December she beat Magdaléna Šormová who is a top prospect. On the feet, she has a good one-two and her right hand is like a cocked gun. She already has a highlight-reel right-hand knockout which was a sensational finish. Wozniak has solid wrestling and holds her own in grappling. Her takedown defense struggles but she scrambles well. She fights Samin Kamal Beik (5-3).

OKTAGON 28 | Czech Republic | Saturday

Lightweight, Leo Brichta (8-3)

Brichta was an Oktagon Underground tournament winner last year. Brichta is a very talented, skilled guy who is well-rounded. He’s a volume fighter throwing frequent combinations with his hands and has dangerous kickboxing. Brichta has solid wrestling and his best work is on the mat on top. He passes guard easily and transitions very well. He has ferocious damaging ground and pound with smashing elbows. If he doesn’t send the ref in to stop the fight he will create openings and take the neck for the sub. Brichta fights Damien Lapilus (17-13-2).

Middleweight, Matěj Peňáz (3-0)

Penaz is a talented young man that has a lot of accomplishments. Outside of MMA, Penaz is an established kickboxer. He’s 3-1 in Glory and 23-3 overall with 12 KO/TKOs. In MMA he’s only 3-0 but last year won the Oktagon Underground tournament at light heavyweight. Penaz has been tested with his takedown defense and has defended well. He’s even had significant top control and ended his second pro fight by ground and pound. Penaz is of course a dangerous guy on the feet and watching him you get it right away. He’s long, fast, throws sniping straight punches, and is deadly with the legs. Penaz fights Mateusz Strzelczyk (9-10-1).

Superior Challenge 23 | Sweeden | Saturday

Light heavyweight, Kenneth Bergh (8-0)

Bergh is mainly a grappler with a vice grip choke being a submission threat. His wrestling isn’t really there as he will just get snap downs or get the top position after a sloppy takedown from his opponents. On the feet, he has alright striking and decent kickboxing. In the clinch, Bergh is strong where he will muscle guys around even sometimes pulling the fight to the mat. He has some nice elbows he uses in the clinch and throws good knees. Overall, I’m not too impressed but has been on the UFC’s radar. He fights Ederson Cristian Macedo (10-6).

Bantamweight, Bartosz Wojcikiewicz (7-0)

Wojcikiewicz is a bit dynamic on the feet but it’s the takedowns he’s precise on. On the mat is where he does all the damage. Wojcikiewicz has been really dominant on top and has some sharp elbows. The fighter from Poland doesn’t have a lot of footage but has impressed me in all of what I’ve seen. He fights Kenji Bortoluzzi (10-4-1).

Shamrock FC 331 | US | Saturday

Lightweight, Evan Elder (5-0)

Elder is a young kid at 24-years-old with a high ceiling. His level of competition as a pro is weak but he’s performed as expected. He’s at his best once on the mat and the wrestling to get there has been solid thus far. Elder has solid transitional grappling moving freely on top being very glue-like as well. He has good ground and pound that eventually leads to him finishing with a submission. Elder is also pretty good on the feet with good output and mixing in strikes and kicks together well with solid footwork. He’ll swing some looping hooks and that allows him to close the distance better. He fights Paris Padilla (4-1).


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